Deputy Mayor definition

Deputy Mayor means the councillor who is appointed by council, pursuant to section 34 of this bylaw, to act as mayor in the absence or incapacity of the mayor.
Deputy Mayor means a Member of Council who is appointed for a one month period from amongst members of Council on a rotation basis determined by the Clerk at the beginning of the term of Council:
Deputy Mayor means the Member of Council appointed pursuant to this Bylaw to act as Mayor in the absence or incapacity of the Mayor;

Examples of Deputy Mayor in a sentence

  • By direction dated 1 April 2018, the Mayor set out those matters, for which the Commissioner would require the prior approval of either the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience (the "Deputy Mayor").

  • Deputy Mayor Schuldiner moved the adoption of the foregoing resolution.

  • If the Mayor is unable or unwilling to assume the role of Presiding Member, then the Deputy Mayor may preside at the Briefing Session.

  • If the Deputy Mayor is unable or unwilling, those Elected Members present may select one from amongst themselves to preside at the Briefing Session.

  • Paragraph (b) of Part 2 of the said direction requires the Commissioner to seek the prior approval of the Deputy Mayor before “[a] commitment to expenditure (capital or revenue) of £150,000 or above as identified in accordance with normal accounting practices…”.

More Definitions of Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor means the member who is appointed pursuant to the Act to act as Mayor in the absence or incapacity of the Mayor.
Deputy Mayor means a member acting in place of the Mayor when they are absent. This position is alternated by two members on a quarterly rotating basis by ward.
Deputy Mayor means the Councillor appointed as the Deputy Mayor pursuant to section 10 of this Bylaw;
Deputy Mayor means that Member of Council elected to assume the responsibilities of the Mayor in the Mayor's absence.
Deputy Mayor means the member of the Combined Authority appointed by the Mayor as the Mayor’s deputy;”;
Deputy Mayor means a person holding the seat of Deputy Mayor in the proper rotation. The Deputy Mayor’s seat will be appointed for a one (1) year term.
Deputy Mayor means the Member of Council elected by general vote as the Deputy Mayor.