Such Trust definition

Such Trust. Mortgage Loan Schedule also shall set forth the aggregate of the amounts described under clause (vii) above for all of the Trust Mortgage Loans. Such list may be in the form of more than one list, collectively setting forth all of the information required.
Such Trust s Pro Rata Share shall be reduced by the amount of the Pro Rata Share allocated to such beneficiary or Permitted Substitute.

Related to Such Trust

  • NIM Trust A Delaware statutory trust or other special-purpose entity that is the issuer of the securities issued in connection with a NIM Issuance (if any).

  • PFPC Trust means PFPC Trust Company or a subsidiary or affiliate of PFPC Trust Company.

  • Owner Trust means with respect to any Leased Aircraft, the trust created by the "Trust Agreement" referred to in the Leased Aircraft Indenture related thereto.

  • Master Trust Trustee means the entity acting as trustee under the applicable Pooling and Servicing Agreement.

  • the Academy Trust means the company intended to be regulated by these Articles and referred to in Article 2;

  • Grantor Trusts The grantor trusts described in Section 2.07 hereof.

  • Master Trust means Citibank Credit Card Master Trust I.

  • Grantor Trust A segregated asset pool within the Trust Fund treated as a “grantor trust” under subpart E, part I of subchapter J of the Code, consisting of the assets described in the Preliminary Statement hereto.

  • Securitization Trust means a trust formed pursuant to a Securitization pursuant to which one or more of the Notes are held.

  • Titling Trust means GE TF Trust, a Delaware statutory trust.

  • Successor Trust means Continental Airlines Pass Through Trust 2000-2A-2-S.

  • Trust means the arrangement through which the property of one person is made over or bequeathed to a trustee to administer such property for the benefit of another person; and

  • Lead Securitization Trust means the Securitization Trust created in connection with the Lead Securitization.

  • Pass Through Trusts means all of such Pass Through Trusts. Pass Through Trustee. First Security Bank, National Association, a national banking association, in its capacity as Pass Through Trustee under the Pass Through Agreement and each Pass Through Trust.

  • Pass Through Trust means each of the two separate grantor trusts that have been created pursuant to the Pass Through Trust Agreements to facilitate certain of the transactions contemplated by the Operative Documents.

  • Property Trustee Account has the meaning set forth in Section 3.8(c).

  • Mortgage Security Trust Fund As to any Mortgage Security, the trust fund in which such Mortgage Security evidences a fractional undivided interest. New York Presenting Agent: State Street Bank and Trust Company, N.A., with its offices at 61 Broadway, New York, New York or such other office within the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, State of New York, as Fannie Mae may appoint by notice to the Trustee.

  • Non-Lead Securitization Trust means the Securitization Trust into which any Non-Lead Securitization Note is deposited.

  • relevant trust means a trust established out of funds provided by the Secretary of State in respect of persons who suffered, or who are suffering, from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease for the benefit of persons eligible for payments in accordance with its provisions;

  • Sub-Trust has the meaning set forth in Section 3.01(b) of the Titling Trust Agreement.

  • Pass Through Trustee means the trustee under each Pass Through Trust Agreement, together with any successor in interest and any successor or other trustee appointed as provided in such Pass Through Trust Agreement.

  • Income trust means a trust, created by either an inter vivos or a testamentary instrument, which directs or permits the trustee to distribute the net income of the trust to one or more persons, either in fixed proportions or in amounts or proportions determined by the trustee, and regardless of whether the trust directs or permits the trustee to distribute principal of the trust to one or more of those persons.

  • Supplemental Interest Trust Trustee Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., a national banking association, not in its individual capacity but solely in its capacity as supplemental interest trust trustee, and any successor thereto.

  • Depositor means Advisors Asset Management, Inc. and its successors in interest, or any successor depositor appointed as hereinafter provided."

  • Pass Through Trust Agreement means each of the two separate Trust Supplements relating to the Pass Through Trusts, together in each case with the Basic Pass Through Trust Agreement, as the same may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with its terms.

  • NIM Trustee The trustee for the NIM Securities.