State of Registration definition

State of Registration means, in relation to an Aircraft at any time, the country or state on whose national register such Aircraft is registered at that time under the laws of such country or state in accordance with the applicable provisions of any Lease relating to such Aircraft or, in the absence of any such provisions, Applicable Law.
State of Registration means the U.S. or such other country or state of registration of the Aircraft as LESSOR may, in its absolute discretion, approve in writing.
State of Registration means United States of America.

Examples of State of Registration in a sentence

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  • To the extent permitted by Law and in accordance with the requirements of the Law from time to time, LESSEE at its sole cost and expense will cause this Lease to be kept, filed, recorded and refiled or rerecorded in the State of Registration and in any other offices necessary to protect LESSOR's rights hereunder.

  • Except for any filing or recording that may be required by the FARs, no filing or recording of any instrument or document (including the filing of any financial statement) is necessary under the Laws of the State of Registration in order for this Lease to constitute a valid and perfected lease of record relating to the Aircraft.

  • LESSEE will provide all other reasonable assistance and cooperation to LESSOR, LESSOR's Assignee and LESSOR's Lender in connection with any such sale or assignment or the perfection and maintenance of any such security interest, at LESSOR's cost, including making all necessary filings and registrations in the State of Registration and providing all opinions of counsel with respect to matters reasonably requested by LESSOR, LESSOR's Lender or LESSOR's Assignee.

  • LESSEE agrees throughout the Lease Term that all use of the Aircraft will be in accordance with applicable Laws of the State of Registration and of any country, state, territory or municipality into or over which LESSEE may operate.

More Definitions of State of Registration

State of Registration means the United States of America or any other country in which the Aircraft is registered pursuant to Clause 9.1(g).
State of Registration means the United States of America.
State of Registration means the Member State in which the licence referred to in (b) is granted;
State of Registration means the United Kingdom.
State of Registration means the state in whose register of ships ownership of a Ship is registered at the time of its Judicial Sale.
State of Registration as defined in the Lease.
State of Registration means the country in which the Firm Aircraft are registered.