Preexisting condition definition

Preexisting condition means an illness, disease, or other condition of the Covered Person that in the 3 months period before the Covered Person’s coverage became effective under the Policy:
Preexisting condition means any medical condition, illness, or injury that existed any time prior to the effective date of coverage.
Preexisting condition means any medical condition, illness,

Examples of Preexisting condition in a sentence

Benefits will not be available for Any Pre-existing condition, ailment or injury, until 36 months of continuous coverage have elapsed, after the date of inception of the first Health Guard policy, provided the preexisting disease / ailment / injury is disclosed on the proposal form.

Pre-existing condition is defined, in this setting, as an injury or illness that has residual issues, conditions and/or limitations still associated with it when the athlete enters UWM as a freshman or transfer.

Pre-existing condition Any illnessess and conditions that have shown symptoms and/or for which the insured has been hospitalised, treated by a physician or has received any medical treatment for before the commencement date of the insurance.

Any disease/ condition contracted in the break in period will not be covered and will be treated as Pre-existing condition.

Preexisting condition provisions shall not be used with respect to PKU formula coverage, and no health mainte- nance organization shall cancel or decline to renew any con- tract, or restrict, modify, exclude, or reduce the amount of benefits payable or type of coverage provided in any contract, because an applicant or covered person has phenylketonuria.

More Definitions of Preexisting condition

Preexisting condition means, for all occupational disease claims, any injury, dis- ease, congenital abnormality, personality dis- order or similar condition that contributes to disability or need for treatment and that precedes the onset of the claimed occupa- tional disease, or precedes a claim for wors- ening in such claims pursuant to ORS 656.273 or 656.278.
Preexisting condition means any medical condition,
Preexisting condition which means “any condition for which a veterinarian provided medical advice, the pet received treatment for, or the pet displayed signs or symptoms consistent with the stated condition prior to the effective date of a pet insurance policy or during any waiting period.”
Preexisting condition means a condition for which medical advice or treatment was recommended by, or received from, a provider of health care services within six months preceding the effective date of coverage of an individual.
Preexisting condition means a disease or physical con- dition including pregnancy which manifested itself prior to the effective date of coverage through medical diagnosis or treatment or the existence of symptoms which would cause an ordinarily prudent person to seek diagnosis or treatment.
Preexisting condition means a condition which, in the opinion of the plan's medical advisors, displayed signs or symptoms before the participant's effective date of coverage. These signs or symptoms must be ones of which the participant was aware or should reasonably have been aware. The condition is considered preexisting whether or not the participant was seen or treated for the condition. It is also considered preexisting whether or not the signs and symptoms of the condition were correctly diagnosed.
Preexisting condition means any condition for which any of the following are true prior to the effective date of a pet insurance policy or during any waiting period: