Solar Power Payment definition

Solar Power Payment has the meaning set forth in Section 7.1.
Solar Power Payment means the payment for Solar Power as per the applicable Tariff. “Tariff” has the meaning set forth in Section 8.1.1.

Examples of Solar Power Payment in a sentence

  • The Power Producer shall invoice Purchaser on the first day of each month (each, an "Invoice Date") commencing on the first Invoice Date to occur after the Commercial Operation Date, for the Solar Power Payment in respect of the immediately preceding month.

Related to Solar Power Payment

  • Solar Power means power generated from the Solar Photovoltaic Power Project;

  • Power Pool means the scheme operated by the Independent System Operator under the Act for exchange of Energy and financial settlement for the exchange of Energy;

  • Solar renewable energy certificate or "SREC" means a

  • Solar energy means the sun used as the sole source of energy for producing electricity.

  • Member-managed limited liability company means a limited liability company that is not a manager-managed limited liability company.

  • Distribution Company means a distribution company as defined in Section 1 of Chapter 164 of the Massachusetts General Laws.3

  • Grenfell Tower support payment means a payment made to a person because that person was affected by the fire on 14th June 2017 at Grenfell Tower, or a payment to the personal representative of such a person—

  • Transfer Point means any point at which the passenger transfers between aircraft.

  • Renewable Energy Certificate or “REC” means a certificate, credit, allowance, green tag, or other transferable indicia, howsoever entitled, created by an Applicable Program or Certification Authority indicating generation of a particular quantity of energy, or Product associated with the generation of a specified quantity of energy from a Renewable Energy Source by a Renewable Energy Facility. A REC may include some or all additional Environmental Attributes associated with the generation of electricity, and those Environmental Attributes may, but need not be, Verified or Certified by the same or different Verification Authorities or Certification Authorities, and disaggregated and retained or sold separately, all as the Parties agree in a Product Order. A REC is separate from the energy produced and may be separately transferred or conveyed.

  • Management Company means the firm overseeing the operation and management of the Participating Property; and shall mean the Grantee in any event wherein the Management Company is required to perform any obligations under this Agreement.

  • Project Company means Company incorporated by the bidder as per Indian Laws in accordance with Clause no 3.5.

  • Power Purchaser means the entity that is purchasing the capacity and energy to be transmitted under the Tariff.