Posting Information Sample Clauses

Posting Information. All notices of vacancies posted pursuant to this clause shall contain the following information:
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Posting Information. All vacancy posting required under section 11.1 shall include the class title of the vacant position, the daily, weekly and annual hours of employment of the position, the work site and work station of the position, the starting and ending hours of the assigned work shift for the position and shall include all steps of the salary range which is assigned the position.
Posting Information. A. The posting shall consist, whenever possible, of individualized posters of each vacancy available and the notice shall include:
Posting Information. 127 CSEA may use the mail boxes and bulletin board spaces designated by the 128 Superintendent, subject to the following conditions:
Posting Information. All vacancy postings shall include the class title of the position, the daily, weekly, and/or annual hours of employment, the assigned worksite, and the entry level pay rate assigned the position.
Posting Information. MX allows, or may allow in the future, users to post content at the help desk and/or various publicly available locations. These forums may be hosted by us or by a third party. Wherever you can post information you agree:
Posting Information. A. The following provisions apply only to position vacancies which are posted. Pursuant to Article 11.01 B, posting notices shall be prepared and posted as follows: For the Fall and Winter Term: June 12th For the Spring/Summer Term: February 15th The Xxxxx’x School on-line calendar shall be deemed to be the source for information regarding course content, dates, starting times and location.
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Posting Information. An application form for posting on the bulletin boards may include the following types of information: type of job vacancy, outline of work required, training guidelines, and other duties as required and other information deemed applicable. Applicants will submit their name in writing to the supervisor who has signed the posting. A list of the applicants will be provided to the Union after the closing date of the job posting.
Posting Information. Each posting shall contain:
Posting Information. All position announcements postings shall include the class title of the vacant position, the notice shall include hours/day, days/week, months/year, the work site or sites and shall remain posted on the website for 14 days and simultaneously sent by email to each employee and shall include the salary range of the position.
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