SKR definition

SKR means Safe Keeping Receipt to be sent to the Buyer by the Security Company that is storing the commodity or sent via a bank to bank swift confirming that they have in their possession/storage the commodity;
SKR mean the lawful currency of Sweden.
SKR and "SWEDISH Krones" denotes the lawful currency of Sweden. "USD" and "UNITED STATES DOLLARS" denotes the lawful currency of the United States of America.

Examples of SKR in a sentence

  • Apley J, Clarke SKR, Roome APCH, Sandry SA, Saygi G, Silk B, Warhurst DC.

  • This would most commonly arise when water or school districts propose activities resulting in incidental take of SKR.

  • Stephens’ kangaroo rat habitat suitability is to be determined by a qualified SKR biologist.

  • In Agriculture, Develop/Disturbed, Grassland/Forbland (not suitable SKR habitat and less than 10 percent of relative cover of native perennial grass species), and sites subject to offsite compensation: target weed species cover is at or below that observed in adjacent areas.

  • This nonthermal radio emission covers the frequency range from 10 kHz to 1.2 MHz with a peak intensity at about 200 kHz. The SKR is sporadic but shows arc-like structures (see Figure 1), although not as organized as at Jupiter.

  • SKR & Associates, JaipurSalal, Chutak and Nimmo BazgoM/s Jugal K Puri & Associates, New DelhiBairasiul, Chamera-II and Chamera-IIIM/s.

  • Similarly, public agencies may mitigate impacts on SKR conservation value by providing conservation credits.

  • The first assurance is that substantial acreage of land containing occupied SKR habitat has already been set aside for permanent preservation under the Short-Term HCP to form the initial core reserves.

  • GDP per capita in the SKR is estimated to be about US$ 320 in 2000.Major constraints and limitations of the SKR are the relatively high population growth rate, limited availability of social services, a short supply of qualified manpower, the low farm productivity due to single crop of rice, an insufficient accumulation of capital and know-how, a lack of entrepreneurship and motivations and so forth.

  • Development Strategy 5: From a Land-locked to a “Land-linked” countryThe SKR is a land-locked region sandwiched between Thailand and Viet Nam.

More Definitions of SKR

SKR and “SEK” each means the lawful currency of the Kingdom of Sweden.
SKR maw 287997.03 2/25/99 1

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