Shown definition

Shown. Means, “where reasonably implied by Drawings of the Contract Documents.”

Examples of Shown in a sentence

Conditions Shown on the Contract Documents: Information as to underground conditions, as-built conditions, or other conditions or obstructions, indicated in the Contract Documents, e.g., on Drawings or in Specifications, has been obtained with reasonable care, and has been recorded in good faith.

Shown at the unrealized appreciation (depreciation) on the contracts.

When the Specifications require that approval be obtained from the Architect or Consulting Engineer, such approval shall be requested from and be given by the City or the Engineer.As Builts -- Drawings prepared by the Contractor that document changes to, additions to, or deductions from the Plans, and which represent the Work as constructed.As Shown, Etc.

Not Shown On This Schedule - State Paid Teachers' Retirement Credit which is the statutory amount paid to Teachers' Retirement on behalf of certified staff to offset the TRS Credit taken as additional salary.(D) District Paid Life - $30,000 of life insurance for $3.90 (per month) X 12 (months) = $46.80.District Paid Disability - $200 coverage through American Fidelity PC Plan, $5.20 (per month) x 12 (months) = $62.40.(E) Dist.

Shown or Indicated: The information and data shown or indicated in the Contract Documents with respect to existing Underground Facilities at or contiguous to the Site is based on information and data furnished to Owner or Engineer of Record by the owners of such Underground Facilities, including Owner, or by others.

More Definitions of Shown

Shown meansshown in the plans.”
Shown means to display or otherwise allow passive viewing, under the direct supervision and control of Licensee, of the Data or Derivatives for short periods of time to a Third Party in secure environments whereby such Third Parties are not able to (i) operate any computer workstation on which the Data or Derivatives are displayed; (ii) make copies, summaries, transcriptions, reproductions or interpretations of any type; (iii) remove copies, summaries or transcriptions of the Data or Derivatives from Licensee’s premises; or (iv) otherwise impair the intellectual property value of such Data or Derivatives.
Shown meansshown on Contract Drawings”.