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Serving a document on a person means having the document delivered to that person. The general requirements for serving documents are set out in California Code of Civil Procedure sections 1010.6– 1013a (you can get a copy of these laws at any county law library or online at There are three main ways to serve documents: (1) by mail, (2) by personal delivery, or (3) by electronic service.
Serving or "serving size" means an amount of product that is suggested for use by a consumer or patient trying the item for the first time.¶

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The ISO shall allocate these costs among Load Serving Entities in accordance with Section, except as otherwise determined by the Commission.

For all Load Serving Entities serving Load in more than one Load Zone, the quantity (in MWh or percentage) of bilateral contract Energy to be applied to each Zone, by year over the term of the contract.

Demonstrating commercial operation includes achieving Initial Operation in accordance with Section 1.4 of Appendix 2 to this ISA and making commercial sales or use of energy, as well as, if applicable, obtaining capacity qualification in accordance with the requirements of the Reliability Assurance Agreement Among Load Serving Entities in the PJM Region.

Serving dense networks of customers of a common denomination meant Raiffeisen banks were less able to take on new business in good times, or, indeed, that their customers were less willing to trust their bankers.

Section 18004(a)(2) funds includes CFDAs 84.425J (Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)), 84.425K (Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities (TCCUs)), 84.425L (Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)), 84.425M (Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP)); Section 18004(a)(3) funds are for CFDA 84.425N (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) Formula Grant).

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Serving documents means providing copies of documents to all other parties in a court case. Documents must be served at each step in the court process, unless the Rules of the Small Claims Court (after this, referred to as the Rules) provide otherwise. By serving the other parties, you are notifying them of the step you are taking and of the information you will be presenting to the court, and giving them an opportunity to respond.
Serving means an amount of food or beverage that is appropriate to meet a child’s nutritional and developmental needs.
Serving means delivery by person, mail, email, or fax, and anything delivered by mail shall be deemed to be served five (5) business days from the date of mailing;
Serving or “serving size” means an amount of product that is suggested for use by a consumer or patient trying the
Serving a summons to witness means giving it to the person it is addressed to. If SAT issues the summons you requested, you must
Serving in relation to a food, means the mass, volume or number, as the case may be, of a food which is typically consumed as a single serving by the average consumer and which is referred to in the nutritional information table;
Serving means an amount of the food which constitutes one normal serving when prepared according to manufacturer’s directions or when the food requires no further preparation before consumption, and in the case of a formulated meal replacement is equivalent to one meal.