Seller Group Company definition

Seller Group Company means any company which is a member of the SellersGroup;
Seller Group Company shall have the meaning prescribed to such term in Section 8.8.
Seller Group Company means a member of the Seller Group.

Examples of Seller Group Company in a sentence

  • The Purchaser shall not be obliged to enter into any agreement in relation to a Third Party Consent which would make the rights or obligations of the Purchaser in respect of the relevant Transferring Contract materially less favourable or more onerous in any respect than the rights or obligations of the relevant Group Company or Seller Group Company in relation thereto.

  • The Parties agree by way of agreement in favour of third parties in the meaning of Section 328 German Civil Code (Vertrag zugunsten Dritter) that the above shall apply accordingly to a claim against another Seller Group Company or any director, board member or employee of a Seller Group Company.

  • Except as set out in Annex 5.2.11 or otherwise referred to in this Agreement, there are no agreements, which are material to the Business taken as a whole between, on the one hand, a Seller Group Company and, on the other hand, one or more Group Companies.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, Clause 9 (Seller’s Warranties and Undertakings) shall not require any Relevant Seller, Group Company or Senior Manager to take any action that would amount to a decision to sell the Group to the Purchaser prior to the Consultation Completion.

  • Except to the minimum extent required by applicable Law, no Seller Group Company has made or agreed to make any payment or agreed to provide any benefit (including notice) to any employee of a Seller Group Company or to any dependent of such employee, in connection with the actual or proposed termination or suspension of employment of such employee.

More Definitions of Seller Group Company

Seller Group Company or “Seller Group Companies” - as defined in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
Seller Group Company means the Seller and affiliate of the Seller, from time to time;
Seller Group Company means any entity included in the Seller Group;
Seller Group Company means any member of Seller Group.
Seller Group Company means Seller or any of its Subsidiaries.
Seller Group Company means a company within the Seller Group;
Seller Group Company means ING Groep NV or any subsidiary undertaking of ING Groep NV for the time being, other than a member of the Group or any IMG Group member;