Self-administration definition

Self-administration means carrying and taking medication without the intervention of the school nurse, approved through the school district policy and restricted to students with asthma, other potentially life-threatening illnesses or life-threatening allergic reaction.
Self-administration means a pupil's discretionary use of

More Definitions of Self-administration

Self-administration means a tenant’s taking personal responsibility for all phases of medication except for any component assigned to the program under medication setup, and may include the tenant’s use of an automatic pill dispenser.
Self-administration means that the student is able to consume or apply medication in the manner directed by the licensed prescriber, without additional assistance or direction.
Self-administration means a person taking medication independently.
Self-administration means the act of a patient taking the patient's own medication from a properly labeled container while on hospital premises, with the hospital responsible for appropriate medi- cation use.
Self-administration means a student's discretionary use of such