SBEs definition

SBEs means Small Business Enterprises as defined in Ordinance Section 12¼-3 (n).
SBEs has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

Related to SBEs

  • SBE means a Small Business Enterprise. A “New York State Small Business” is defined as a company that is a resident to New York State, independently owned and operated, with 100 or fewer employees, and not dominant in its field. See State Finance Law §160(8).

  • Radiographic operations means all activities performed with a radiographic exposure device, or with a radiation machine. Activities include using, transporting except by common or contract carriers, or storing at a temporary job site, performing surveys to confirm the adequacy of boundaries, setting up equipment, and any activity inside restricted area boundaries. Transporting a radiation machine is not considered a radiographic operation.

  • Antipsychotic medications means that class of drugs

  • Fluid means material or substance which flows or moves whether in a semisolid, liquid, sludge, gas, or any other form or state.

  • Cell means a single encased electrochemical unit containing one positive and one negative electrode which exhibits a voltage differential across its two terminals.

  • TELRIC means Total Element Long-Run Incremental Cost.

  • Automotive windshield washer fluid means any liquid designed for use in a motor vehicle windshield washer system either as an antifreeze or for the purpose of cleaning, washing, or wetting the windshield. Automotive windshield washer fluid does not include fluids placed by the manufacturer in a new vehicle.

  • Blasting means changing the level or grade of land or rendering, tearing, demolishing, moving, or removing earth, rock, buildings, structures, or other masses or materials by seismic blasting or the detonation of dynamite or any other explosive agent.

  • Gonad shield means a protective barrier for the testes or ovaries.

  • Sadomasochistic abuse means actual or explicitly simulated flagellation or torture by or upon a person who is nude or clad in undergarments, a mask or bizarre costume, or the condition of being fettered, bound or otherwise physically restrained on the part of one so clothed.

  • Alcoholism means a disease, characterized by a dependency

  • Preschooler means a child age two through four years old.

  • Scalping means the situation where the Client opens too many positions in CFDs at the same time and closes them for less than five minutes or buying at Bid price and selling at Ask price, so as to gain the Bid/Ask difference.

  • Impulsive sound means either a single pressure peak or a single burst (multiple pressure peaks) that has a duration of less than one second.

  • Medication means any drug, chemical, compound, suspension, or preparation in suitable form for use as a curative or remedial substance taken either internally or externally by any person.

  • Testing means that element of inspection that determines the properties or elements, including functional operation of materials, equipment, or their components, by the application of established scientific principles and procedures.

  • Pruning means the appropriate removal of not more than one-third of the live branches or limbs of a Tree or more than one-third of the live branches or limbs on a Tree as part of a consistent annual pruning program.

  • Screening means the evaluation process used to identify an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living and address health and safety concerns.

  • SMEs mean micro, small and medium-sized enterprises within the meaning of Recommendation 2003/361/EC in the version of 6 May 2003. Part A IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT‌ SECTION 1 – GENERAL PRINCIPLES‌

  • Generation means the production of electricity;

  • Radiography means a technique for generating and recording an x-ray pattern for the purpose of providing the user with an image(s) after termination of the exposure.

  • Slamming means the designation of a new provider of a telecommunications service to a customer, including the initial selection of a service provider, without the verified consent of the customer. “Slamming” does not include the designation of a new provider of a telecommunications service to a customer made pursuant to the sale or transfer of another carrier’s customer base, provided that the designation meets the requirements of 199 IAC 22.23(2)“e.”

  • Gasohol means a blended fuel composed of gasoline and fuel grade ethanol.

  • Sterilization means the procedure that kills all microorganisms, including their spores.

  • Cabinet radiography means industrial radiography conducted in an enclosure or cabinet so shielded that every location on the exterior meets the dose limits for individual members of the public as specified in 12VAC5-481-720.

  • GATS means the General Agreement on Trade in Services in Annex 1B to the WTO Agreement;