Medication definition

Medication means any drug, chemical, compound, suspension, or preparation in suitable form for use as a curative or remedial substance taken either internally or externally by any person.
Medication means any prescription drug or over-the-counter medicine or nutritional supplement and includes, but is not limited to, aspirin and cough drops.
Medication means any medicine that is dispensed from a Veterinarian pharmacy or with a written prescription from a Veterinarian that may only be filled at a pharmacy.

Examples of Medication in a sentence

  • The standard Department Medication Administration Record (MAR) shall be maintained at the facility for each youth who has a current, valid medication order.

  • Medication counters if available must be used when counting tablets in bottles.

  • Medication Administration shall occur as scheduled in a comprehensive, accurate, and organized manner in the facility, only by a licensed nurse.

  • An initial fill of a Maintenance Medication Prescription is covered for one month only.

  • A complete listing of the ISD 622 Policy on Student Medication (EM-020.18) can be found in your Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, on the district website, or from a building administrator.

More Definitions of Medication

Medication means a metered dose inhaler or a dry powder inhaler to alleviate asthmatic symptoms, prescribed by a physician and having an individual label, or an anaphylaxis medication used to treat anaphylaxis, including but not limited to Epinephrine injectors, prescribed by a physician and having an individual label.
Medication means prescribed drugs and medical devices that are controlled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are ordered by a health care provider. It includes over-the-counter medications prescribed through a standing order by the school physician or prescribed by the student’s health care provider.
Medication means a substance available with or without a prescription, which is used as a curative or remedial substance.
Medication means prescribed or over-the-counter drugs or both.
Medication means any substance or preparation which is used to prevent or treat a wound, injury, infection, infirmity, or disease. This includes medication that is over the counter, or prescribed or recommended by a physician or advance practice nurse certified to prescribe medication, and permitted by the parent for administration or application.
Medication means a medicinal drug or proprietary preparation.