Same date definition

Same date means the same actual calendar date (numerical date and month) or the same day of the same week in a given month, as relevant. For example, "same date" shall encompass the date July 11 as well as the second Sunday in the month of July, as relevant.

Examples of Same date in a sentence

  • Individual units of a service may be "rolled up" into one claim as long as the services have the: Same procedure code, Same date of service, Same level of care modifier, Same license level modifier, Same place of service, and Same staff level of qualification in the claim note field.

  • Impact on others: input from the complainant; protection or safety of the community.

  • Notations on I-94: N-9, Same date as N-8 (if child of N-8) or the lesser of 3 years or 21st birthday (if child of SK).

  • Same date of initial investment shall be taken for subsequent years for the whole portfolio.

  • Establishment of seniority on inclusion in the bargaining unit • Same date of entry into the bargaining unit • Ranking based on company service date Establishment of seniority for permanent part time employees hired after ratification will be based on Article 10 of the Collective Agreement.

  • Year meaning the Start date of your Policy to the Same date the following year.

  • If the action has been referred, when was it referred and what is the reference number (Ref #)?Date: Same date as this referral (6th May 2015) Ref #: to be confirmed4.

  • Same date as aboveDeliverable #4: The Contractor shall provide quality control reports, including a mitigation plan for unforeseen anomalies encountered at each phase of episode grouper software execution.

  • The effective date of the agreement - Same date as negotiated as Hamlin – August 8, 2006.

  • Same date as aboveDeliverable #5: The Contractor shall provide Maryland, surrounding states, and national benchmarks for each selected episode.Same date as aboveDeliverable #6: Upon selection of approximately 20 to 25 episodes, if there is a need for customization of code, such as limiting the procedure codes in an episode definition, the Contractor shall make the necessary code modification to providethe result set, as requested.

Related to Same date

  • Same Day Funds means (a) with respect to disbursements and payments in Dollars, immediately available funds, and (b) with respect to disbursements and payments in an Alternative Currency, same day or other funds as may be determined by the Administrative Agent or the L/C Issuer, as the case may be, to be customary in the place of disbursement or payment for the settlement of international banking transactions in the relevant Alternative Currency.

  • Programme Date means the date of this Base Prospectus.

  • Expiration Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7(a) hereof.

  • Real-time means the actual time in which an event takes place, with the reporting on or the recording of the event simultaneous with its occurrence.

  • Central Time means Central Time as adjusted for daylight savings time.

  • Service Activation Date means the same as Activation Date.

  • Scan time means the period of time between the beginning and end of x-ray transmission data accumulation for a single scan.

  • Honor Date has the meaning specified in Section 2.03(c)(i).

  • PM means particulate matter.

  • Applicable Date shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 9.08(f).

  • Termination Date The scheduled Agreement “termination date” shall be the last day of the month of the month of the Original Solicitation’s Anticipated Award Date plus three years. Example: If the original term is approximately three years, and the solicitation provides an anticipated award date of May 22, 2020, the expiration date of the original three-year term shall be May 31, 2023. Extensions: Any extensions of the original term shall begin on the next day after the day the original term expires. Example Following the Previous Example: If TIPS offers a one-year extension, the expiration of the extended term shall be May 31, 2024. TIPS may offer to extend Vendor Agreements to the fullest extent the original Solicitation permits.

  • Local Time means (a) with respect to a Loan or Borrowing denominated in Dollars, New York City time and (b) with respect to a Loan or Borrowing denominated in any Foreign Currency, London time.

  • Notice Date has the meaning specified in Section 2.10.

  • Auction Date means the first Business Day preceding the first day of a Dividend Period.

  • Final Date has the meaning set forth in Section 8.1(b).

  • Activation Date means the date upon which MLBFS shall cause the WCMA Line of Credit to be fully activated under MLPF&S' computer system as part of the WCMA Program.

  • Programme Effective Date means 5 December 2017.

  • Down time means the time period when specified services with specified technical and service standards are not available to user(s).

  • Option Date means, with respect to any Stock Option, the date on which the Stock Option is awarded under the Plan.

  • Prior to 10:00 a.m., New York City time, on the Redemption Date specified in the notice of redemption given as provided in Section 11.4, the Company will deposit with the Trustee or with one or more Paying Agents (or if the Company is acting as its own Paying Agent, the Company will segregate and hold in trust as provided in Section 10.3) an amount of money sufficient to pay the Redemption Price of, and any accrued interest (including Additional Interest) on, all the Securities (or portions thereof) that are to be redeemed on that date.

  • Delay time means the difference in time between the change of the component to be measured at the reference point and a system response of 10 per cent of the final reading (t10) with the sampling probe being defined as the reference point.

  • Up time means the time period when specified services with specified technical and service standards are available to user(s)

  • Notice Office means the office of the Administrative Agent located at 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000, or such other office as the Administrative Agent may hereafter designate in writing as such to the other parties hereto.

  • Pro Rata Percentage of any Revolving Credit Lender at any time shall mean the percentage of the Total Revolving Credit Commitment represented by such Lender’s Revolving Credit Commitment. In the event the Revolving Credit Commitments shall have expired or been terminated, the Pro Rata Percentages shall be determined on the basis of the Revolving Credit Commitments most recently in effect, giving effect to any subsequent assignments.

  • Retention Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.01 of this Agreement.

  • Date The Effective Date (as defined in the Funding Agreement) Acknowledged and Agreed: THE PRINCIPAL LIFE INCOME FUNDINGS TRUST DESIGNATED IN THIS GUARANTEE By: U.S. Bank Trust National Association, not in its individual capacity, but solely in its capacity as trustee By: Bankers Trust Company, N.A., under Limited Power of Attorney, dated February 16, 2006 By: /s/ Dxxxx X. Xxxx Name: Dxxxx X. Xxxx Title: Vice President Date: The Effective Date (as defined in the Funding Agreement)