Programme Date definition

Programme Date means the date of this Base Prospectus.
Programme Date means the date of this Base Prospectus. "Programme Documents" means:

Examples of Programme Date in a sentence

  • On receipt of the programme fee, Enrollment Card (indicating the Student's Name, Programme, Date of Admission & Enrollment Number) will be issued.

  • This Covered Bond is one of a Series (as defined below) of Covered Bonds issued by ING Bank N.V. (the "Issuer") pursuant to a trust deed dated 10 March 2008 (the "Programme Date")) made between, among others, the Issuer, ING Covered Bond Company B.V. (the "CBC") and Stichting Trustee ING Covered Bond Company (the "Trustee") (as supplemented, amended and/or restated from time to time, the "Trust Deed").

More Definitions of Programme Date

Programme Date means, in respect of the Issuer and considered as at the Issue Date, the date on which the Issuer and the other parties thereto most recently entered into a Programme Deed to update the Programme.
Programme Date means 9 July 2007. "Programme Documents" means:
Programme Date means July 27, 2021;
Programme Date means the date on which the Programme Deed was most recently updated or, if it has not been updated, the Establishment Date.
Programme Date means July 2, 2013;
Programme Date means October 31, 2013;
Programme Date means 14 October2015;