SAG definition

SAG or "street address guide" means the databases that contain street names, address ranges, routing codes (if provided), and other data required to verify street address information which is entered into the 9-1-1 database and which is used for selective routing and transfer.
SAG has the meaning ascribed to the termseparate affiliated group” in Section 355(b)(3)(B) of the Code.
SAG means an rms reduction in the ac voltage, at the power frequency, for durations from a half−cycle to a few sec- onds.

Examples of SAG in a sentence

  • Malignant ovarian mass: Sag- ittal T2-weighted image shows cystic mass with solid areas raising suspi- cion of malignancy (yellow arrow).

  • We are grateful to all of our audience members for comments and criticisms that have immensely improved this paper, in particular Ivan Sag, Bhuvana Narasimhan, Barbara Fox, Lise Menn, Jena Hwang, Les Sikos, Susan Brown, Michael Thomas, Steve Duman, Nick Williams, Archna Bhatia, and David Harper.

  • Zwicky 1987 and Halpern 1995, for European Portuguese, Monachesi 1996, for Italian, and Miller and Sag 1997, for French).

More Definitions of SAG

SAG means the Screen Actors Guild.
SAG means Secretaría de Estado en el Despacho de Agricultura y Ganadería, the Recipient’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.
SAG means a group made up of one or more chains of corporations connected through stock ownership if such corporation owns directly stock meeting the Stock Ownership Requirement in at least one other corporation, and stock meeting the Stock Ownership Requirement in each of the corporations (except the parent) is owned directly by one or more of the other corporations.