AMS definition

Examples of AMS in a sentence

  • The AMS was designated to be a measure for trade distorting domestic support policies.

  • In reality, however, the AMS is double counted with support derived from trade policies.

  • Terms and conditions pursuant to which AMS will fund the project(s).

  • The AMS performance measures need to encompass technical (at system level and equipment level), economical and organizational dimensions reflecting the holistic characteristic of AM.

  • It was also involved in a rather dishonorable series of arguments, implying that Article 27 of the Charter being discussed in AMS was not a right according to Article 51(2) of the Charter, but rather a ‘principle’.

More Definitions of AMS

AMS means the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University Incorporated and the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University.
AMS. – means 18 & over members of Ice Hockey Tasmania.