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  • Thus, periodic conceptual integration, optimization, and maturity evaluation workshops are needed to maintain a strong connection between the AAC and ABP thrusts.

  • The last revaluation conducted by AAC for the Village of Black Earth occurred during the 2016 assessment year.

  • For example, these are needed to progress the AAC collider optimization beyond current “strawman design” status.

  • The themes in this section are: (1) ABP connection to the Normal-Conducting Radio-Frequency (NCRF) roadmap [4]; (2) ABP connection to the Super- Conducting Radio-Frequency (SCRF) roadmap [4]; (3) ABP connection to the High-Field Magnets (HFM) roadmap [5]; and (4), ABP connection to the Advanced Accelerator Concepts (AAC) roadmap [6].

  • The Permittee shall comply with all applicable provisions of AS 46.14 and 18 AAC 50 when installing a replacement EU, including any applicable minor or construction permit requirements.

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AAC in Section 3(b) of this Exhibit D. The As-Available Capacity for each XXX Period of each month is calculated as follows: AS-AVAILABLE CAPACITY, in kWh per hour = MACFCC (but not less than zero) Where: MAC = The Maximum Allowed Capacity for the XXX Period as determined in Section 3(d) in this Exhibit D, in kWh per hour. FCC = The Firm Contract Capacity for all XXX Periods during a month.
AAC has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
AAC means the already allocated capacities, which is the capacity allocated as an outcome of the latest capacity calculation in the SEE CCR;
AAC means Atlantic Acquisition Corporation, a Pennsylvania corporation and a wholly owned Subsidiary of NSC.