Communication definition

Communication means this Agreement, any Loan Document and any document, any amendment, approval, consent, information, notice, certificate, request, statement, disclosure or authorization related to any Loan Document.
Communication is defined in Section 10.
Communication means a notice, agreement, consent, direction, representation, advice or statement required or given pursuant to or in connection with this licence;

Examples of Communication in a sentence

  • Equations 3 IDS 2100 Ethics 1 MATH 2010 Matrix Algebra 3 MATH 2110 Calculus III 4 PHYS 2119 Physics II w/o Lab 4 COMM 2025 or PC 2500 Communication 3 ENGL 2130, 2230, or 2330 Lit.

  • Communication Skills (5 credits) Must include at least five (5) credits of English composition.

  • Together with ecosystem partners, collaborative research is conducted both in horizontal enabling themes, like Trustworthy AI or Secure Communication, and in focused vertical topics Banking, Health & Care, and Energy & City.

  • The teaching staff to impart the academic Programs defined will be selected and provided by the Department of Spanish Philology of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication at the University of Valencia (indicated as DSP-FFTiC-UV).

  • Communication between Respondent and the City will be initiated by the appropriate City Official or Employee in order to obtain information or clarification needed to develop a proper and accurate evaluation of the proposal.

More Definitions of Communication

Communication means any notice, demand, request, consent, approval or other communication which is required or permitted by this Agreement to be given or made by a Party.
Communication means an instruction that (a) directs an Employee to transfer, pay, or deliver money from the Insured’s own account, (b) contains a material misrepresentation of fact, and (c) is relied upon by the Employee, believing it to be true.
Communication has the meaning specified in Section 11.17.
Communication means any contact or communication (whether written, electronic, oral or otherwise) between Counterparty or any of its Employees or Designees, on the one hand, and Dealer or any of its Affiliates or Employees, on the other hand.
Communication means the same as in the Electronic Communications Act 2000;
Communication has the meaning specified in Section 8.11(a).
Communication means any communication, whether between persons and persons, things and things, or persons or things in the form of sound, data, text, visual images, signals, or any other form or any combination of those forms and, where the context permits, includes an attempt to establish a communication.