Release Condition definition

Release Condition means the following:
Release Condition means, in connection with the Incurrence of any Indebtedness pursuant to Sections 4.02(b)(3), (4), (7) or (14), the loan-to-value ratio as determined by an independent mortgage appraisal conducted on behalf of and for the benefit of the lender(s) of such Indebtedness shall be at least 50%.
Release Condition shall have the meaning given such term in Section 5(a) below.

Examples of Release Condition in a sentence

  • Upon the occurrence of a Release Condition, You may request that the escrow agent deliver the Source Code for the most current version in use by You of the Software purchased on an Order Form under a Maintenance Term covered by this Agreement (excluding Third Party software).

More Definitions of Release Condition

Release Condition means the occurrence of any of the following:
Release Condition means the following condition for terminating the Security Interest: all Secured Obligations shall have been paid in full.
Release Condition means the Award Recipient’s execution, delivery to the Company and non-revocation of a mutual liability release agreement in the form and substance determined by the Company (and the expiration of any revocation period contained in such release agreement) within 60 days following the Award Recipient’s termination of employment.
Release Condition means the receipt by the Trustee of:
Release Condition means that Employee has executed a release agreement, substantially in the form attached hereto as Annex B that becomes effective and non-revocable in accordance with its terms on or before the 60th day following the Termination Date.
Release Condition means that, after giving effect to any requested release of a Borrowing Base Property, the Borrowing Base Asset Value shall be at least Two Hundred Million Dollars ($200,000,000.00).
Release Condition means the satisfaction of each of the following conditions: (a) all indebtedness (as defined in Section 10.1) that CSF owes to the Administrative Agent and/or the Lenders in its capacity as a Borrower has been indefeasibly paid in full in cash (or, in the case of Letters of Credit of which CSF is the actual account party, each such Letter of Credit has been cash collateralized in an amount equal to 103% of the stated and undrawn amount of such Letter of Credit and in the Currency in which such Letter of Credit was issued and otherwise on terms and conditions satisfactory to the applicable Issuing Lender) and there remains no commitment to make Revolving Loans to CSF; (b) the Administrative Agent shall have received written notice from CSF of its desire to terminate its rights as a Borrower with respect to the Commitment and LOC Commitment in accordance with Section 2.6(a)(ii); and (c) no Default or Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing at the time of such termination pursuant to Section 2.6(a)(ii) or would result from such termination or the termination of the Guaranty Agreement.