Performance Condition definition

Performance Condition means a condition related to performance which is specified by the Committee under Rule 4.1 (Terms of grant);
Performance Condition means a condition stated in the Award Statement for an Award or a Tranche of an Award which determines the extent to which that Award or Tranche will become capable of settlement.
Performance Condition means a condition related to performance which is specified by the Committee under Rule 2.2;

Examples of Performance Condition in a sentence

If a Transaction Event occurs (excluding an Internal Reorganisation), all Options shall become Exercisable in full and the Board will have the sole discretion to amend, abridge or otherwise eliminate any Vesting Schedule and/or Performance Condition in relation to an Option so that notwithstanding the other terms of this Plan, such Option may be exercised in whole or in part by the Participant.

The Grantor shall evidence the grant of an Option in such manner as the Board shall decide (by resolution, deed or otherwise) and each Participant who has been granted an Option shall be issued with an Option Certificate (substantially in the form attached at the Appendix to these Rules) setting out the number of Shares under Option, the Exercise Price, Vesting Schedule, the applicable Performance Condition (if any) and anything else that the Board considers appropriate.

The Grantor may grant an Option subject to such Performance Condition (if any) as the Board in its absolute discretion determines, subject to which (save as provided in these Rules) such Option may be Exercised.

Unless otherwise provided in these Rules, an Option or part thereof shall only become Exercisable following the later of the date or dates set out in the Vesting Schedule and (if applicable) the determination by the Board that any Performance Condition has been satisfied or partially satisfied.

More Definitions of Performance Condition

Performance Condition means the performance-based condition to vesting specified in the Notice. Except as specified in Section 4(d), the Performance Condition shall not be satisfied unless and until the Committee determines that such condition is satisfied on the Determination Date.
Performance Condition means a performance condition established with respect to an Award in accordance with the provisions hereof.
Performance Condition means any condition to the vesting of an Award based on the performance of the Company (including one or more of its Subsidiaries), the performance of any branch, business unit of the Company (or of any Subsidiary), or the performance of an individual Participant (other than remaining employed by the Company or a Subsidiary), whether based on absolute or relative performance measures, and whether or not the Award is intended to be a Qualified Performance-Based Award.
Performance Condition means the attainment by the RSL Companies, for the period commencing on January 1, 2004 through and including the full calendar quarter most recently having been completed as of the Termination Date, of aggregate Pre-Tax Operating Income in an amount representing a compound average annualized growth rate of at least eleven percent (11%), as compared with the 2003 base amount of $80,998,000. For example, as to a Termination Date occurring on July 12, 2008, the Performance Condition would relate to the period from January 1, 2004 through June 30, 2008, and would require that aggregate Pre-Tax Operating Income for such period equal at least $491,684,629.
Performance Condition means a condition (or conditions) related to performance which is specified by the Committee under Rule 3.2(e);
Performance Condition shall be deemed satisfied with respect to each of the “Tranchesof Restricted Shares described below upon the achievement at any time prior to the fifth anniversary of the Effective Date of the corresponding performance hurdle described below, in each case, provided that the Executive is employed with the Company at the time such Performance Condition is met (subject to Section 3(a)(iii)(D) below). For the purposes of this Section 3(a)(i)(B), the Restricted Shares shall be divided into four “Tranches” as follows:
Performance Condition means one or more conditions which must be satisfied orcircumstances which must exist before an Option vests, as determined by the Board;