Recycling Collector definition

Recycling Collector means any person or persons, firm, partnership, joint venture, association or corporation engaged in the collection and transportation Recyclable Materials generated in the City.

Examples of Recycling Collector in a sentence

  • To grant the following 2020-2021 Combined Scrap and Recycling Motor Vehicle Salvage and Solid Waste Hauler Business, Scrap and Recycling Collector, and Motor Vehicle Storage Business renewals:- Advanced Disposal, 300 Raemisch Rd.- All Metals Recycling, 1802 S.

  • Signature of Recycling Collector Date Please list the amount of Post-Consumer recyclable materials generated from your business for the calendar year which has just passed.

  • The Hauler and/or Recycling Collector shall maintain a record of the weight of Recyclable Materials collected in the County, from residential and non-residential accounts, for each of the following Recyclable Materials: newsprint, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, magazines, metal cans, glass containers, plastic containers, boxboard, Major Appliances, scrap metal, tires, Electronics, mattresses and additional materials from time to time - as mandated by the Department.

  • Signature of Recycling Collector Date DRAFT 2500-FM-LRWM0013.3 Rev.

  • However, as part of its audit procedures, OVHcloud may be required to communicate or provide access to certain information, such as the identity of a Client and the number of Email Services used.

  • The General Revenue Bond Resolution for Loan Program IV permits this requirement to be met, and it has been met, with the deposit of a Reserve Fund Credit Facility into the reserve fund.

  • Each licensed Recycling Collector shall obtain a separate registration for each vehicle he operates to transport recyclable material within the Municipality.

  • On seeing the graph it is clear that the proposed method works better of 93% over response time comparison.

  • Whenever a duly registered vehicle is sold or transferred to another Recycling Collector licensed in this Municipality during the registration year, said vehicle shall be reinspected within seven (7) days of such transfer date but no additional fee shall be required.

  • Persons must separate high-grade office paper, aluminum, corrugated paper and such other materials as may be designated by the Borough generated at Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Establishments and store the Recyclable Materials until collection by a licensed Recycling Collector or delivered to the Twin Boro’s Recycling Center.

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