Reclaimed definition

Reclaimed means that a hazardous waste is processed to recover the hazardous component of the waste as a usable product, or that it is regenerated. Examples are recovery of lead values from spent batteries and regeneration of spent solvents.
Reclaimed or "reclaim" means conditioning areas affected by surface coal mining operations to make them capable of supporting the uses which they were capable of supporting prior to any mining, or higher or better uses, pursuant to subsection 2 of section 38-14.1-24.
Reclaimed. , in relation to land, means a process that increases the land use capability of a site by changing the land’s character or environment through the raising of the land level or the drainage of the land;

Examples of Reclaimed in a sentence

  • Reclaimed glycol is usually shipped off-site by a third-party vendor for sales.

  • Reclaimed Water 51Appendix I: Sample Plumbing Ordinance 52 IntroductionWho Should Read This Guide?‌This guide is intended to help public water system (PWS) managers, operators, and program administrators implement their cross-connection control programs.

  • Irrigation with Reclaimed Municipal Wastewater:A Guidance Manual, Lewis Publishers, Chelsea, Michigan (originally published under same title as Report No. 84-1 by California State Water Resources Control Board, Sacramento, California, 1984).State of California.

  • Reclaimed water can replace or supplement groundwater supplies.Currently, the Department has been able to replace potable water used for process water at its wastewater treatment plants with reclaimed water.

  • Reclaimed water, if available, shall be used for all dust suppression activities during grading and construction for the project.

More Definitions of Reclaimed

Reclaimed or "reclaim" means conditioning areas affected by surface coal mining
Reclaimed means that all disturbed areas are permanently covered by completed buildings, other structures, pavement/concrete, other acceptable impervious materials, or other effective permanent non-vegetative structures and practices. Reclaimed also means that all disturbed areas have been graded, slopes effectively stabilized, and perennial vegetation has been fully established with the ability to survive in the future if properly maintained, to prevent/minimize to the maximum extent practicable exposure of disturbed soils to erosion as necessary to protect water quality.
Reclaimed means reclaimed as defined in subpart (1)(a)3(iv) of Rule 0400-12-01-.02.
Reclaimed means material which is processed or reprocessed to recover a usable product or is regenerated to a usable form.
Reclaimed means the processing of a material to return it to its commercial marketable form.
Reclaimed. , in respect of a halocarbon, means recovered, re-processed and upgraded through processes such as filtering, drying, distilling and treating chemically in order to restore the halocarbon to industry-accepted re-use standards that have been verified by chemical analysis. (régénéré)
Reclaimed means notice by the owner to the Animal Control Agency of ownership of an impounded animal.