Spoil definition

Spoil means excavated material which is unsuitable for use as material in the construction works or is material which is surplus to the requirements of the construction works;
Spoil means excess material removed as overburden or generated during road or landing construction which is not used within limits of construction.
Spoil means overburden that has been removed during surface coal mining operations.

Examples of Spoil in a sentence

  • Transport of Spoil must also be via a clearly delineated, pre-defined haul route.

  • Spoil material and other construction waste will also be produced during the pipeline laying works.

  • See Kathleen Matthews, “Spare the Tax, Spoil the Developing Country: No Dent in U.S. Tax Treaty Policy” (20 July 1990) Tax Notes Today 151-8.

  • Spoil will be stacked at a suitable distance from the pit to ensure that the surface load does not endanger the stability of the pit sides.

  • In spot construction in trench lengths less than 50’ Granular Backfill shall be crushed limestone per SWS, Section Spoil Backfill: In accordance with SWS, Section 8.43.5. No stone, rock or other similar material with a sieve size greater than 3-inches shall be permitted within2.0 ft.

More Definitions of Spoil

Spoil means all waste material and debris connected with open-cut mining and with the mechanical removal, cleaning and preparation of materials at the mine site;
Spoil means overburden removed during the mining operation to expose the mineral and does not include the marketable mineral, subsoil or topsoil.
Spoil means overburden that has been disturbed during surface coal mining operations.
Spoil means the material dredged from a drainage system, such as sediment and vegetated material.