RCR definition

RCR means restitution of conjugal rights;

Examples of RCR in a sentence

  • For example, RCR 01295617, “Automatic Scram on High Pressure During Approach to Unit Shutdown,” RCR 01408282, ”Emergency Reserve Auxiliary Transformer and Emergency Reserve Auxiliary Transformer Static Var Compensator Tripped,” and ACE 01258926, “NRC Identified Weakness in 0VC04CB Operability Evaluation,” each documented OE that was identified as part of a search during the evaluations; however, there was no documentation as to why it did not apply.

  • Failure to Take Appropriate Corrective Action for a Condition Adverse to Quality During the review of RCR 01307531, “Chemistry Parameters Exceeded Action Level 1 Limits,” the inspectors identified that the licensee’s corrective action to resolve Contributing Cause #2, “Reactor Coolant cleanup was not maximized during startup,” was to code work order 1498918, “Rebuild/Rework reactor water cleanup (RT) filter demineralizer ‘B’ actuator for 1G36-F006B” as a corrective action.

  • The Committee will review only those written requests completed on the Rules Change Request (RCR) form, or an email using the same format, and submitted to the Chairman or any Committee member.

  • Dattatraya Hegde SC 2008(1) RCR Criminal 695 or even by raising presumptions of fact or law from the material available on record (see Kundan Lal Kala Ram vs.

  • Exposure estimation (Environment 1) ERC8b Widespread use of reactive processing aid (no inclusion into or onto article, indoor)Environmental release category Assessment methodUsed EUSES model.Environmental release Maximum concentration/release value: marine water: 0.0126 mg/l Fresh water: 0.0126 mg/lEnvironmental exposureWater: Exposure , PNEC , RCR <1 Soil: Exposure , PNEC , RCR <0.14.

More Definitions of RCR

RCR means Defendant RCR Holdings II, LLC, and all its insurance carriers except any carriers that issued a Builder’s Risk Policy.
RCR means the greater of zero and the excess of PF capital over actual capital. ‘Actual capital’ means the consolidated Pillar 1 regulatory capital requirement in respect of the covered assets;
RCR means RC Resources, Inc.
RCR means RCR Engineering Ltd.