Qualified incentive area definition

Qualified incentive area means an area designated pursuant to 9 P.L.1985, c.398 (C.52:18A-196 et seq.) as Planning Area 1
Qualified incentive area means [an] any area designated

Related to Qualified incentive area

  • Cash Incentive Award means a cash award granted pursuant to Section 8 of this Plan.

  • Incentive Award means the right to receive a cash payment to the extent Performance Goals are achieved, and shall include “Annual Incentive Awards” as described in Section 10 and “Long-Term Incentive Awards” as described in Section 11.

  • Clawback Eligible Incentive Compensation means all Incentive-based Compensation Received by an Executive Officer (i) on or after the effective date of the applicable Nasdaq rules, (ii) after beginning service as an Executive Officer, (iii) who served as an Executive Officer at any time during the applicable performance period relating to any Incentive-based Compensation (whether or not such Executive Officer is serving at the time the Erroneously Awarded Compensation is required to be repaid to the Company), (iv) while the Company has a class of securities listed on a national securities exchange or a national securities association, and (v) during the applicable Clawback Period (as defined below).

  • STIP means the Company’s short-term incentive plan under Section 8 of the Company’s 2007 Omnibus Incentive Plan, effective May 8, 2007, as may be amended from time to time, or any successor plan, program or arrangement thereto.