qualified homeowner definition

qualified homeowner means, with respect to a
qualified homeowner means a resident of the State that owns a

More Definitions of qualified homeowner

qualified homeowner means a resident of the State that owns a home in New Jersey which is the resident’s principal residence.
qualified homeowner means the owner and occupant of a qualifying residence.
qualified homeowner means a District homeowner who:
qualified homeowner means CalHFA MAC has determined, in its sole discretion from documentation provided by the Homeowner, that Homeowner is eligible to receive financial assistance under CalHFA MAC’s Keep Your Home California Program and has satisfied all of the program criteria disclosed in writing to Homeowner, including, without limitation, occupying the Property as their principal residence and there being no occurrence of any of the events specified in paragraph 6 during the term of this Note.
qualified homeowner means an owner of residential real property that is located in this state, including a condominium, that is the primary residence of the owner, who is a qualified person or resides with a spouse or dependent who is a qualified person.

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  • Family home means the primary residence for a child that is not under contract with the Department to provide services as a certified foster home or a licensed or certified residential care facility, assisted living facility, nursing facility, or other residential setting.

  • Qualified agricultural property means that term as defined in section 1211 of the revised school code, MCL 380.1211.

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  • Adult family home or "AFH" means a residential home in which a person or persons provide personal care, special care, room and board to more than one but not more than six adults who are not related by blood or marriage to the person or persons providing the services (see RCW 70.12.010).

  • funeral home means a building or structure with facilities for the preparation of dead persons for burial or cremation, for the viewing of the body and for funeral services;

  • Qualified property has the meaning set forth in Section 313.021(2) of the TEXAS TAX CODE and as interpreted by the Comptroller’s Rules and the Texas Attorney General, as these provisions existed on the Application Review Start Date.

  • Excluded Property means, collectively: (i) Vehicles; (ii) Excluded Equity; (iii) any permit or license or any Contractual Obligation entered into by any Grantor (A) that prohibits, terminates or permits termination by any Person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates of such permit, license or Contractual Obligation upon, or requires the consent of any Person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates as a condition to, the creation by such Grantor of a Lien on any right, title or interest in such permit, license or Contractual Obligation or any Stock or Stock Equivalent related thereto or (B) to the extent that any Requirement of Law applicable thereto prohibits the creation of a Lien thereon, but only, with respect to the prohibition in (A) and (B), to the extent, and for as long as, such prohibition, termination provision or requirement for consent is not terminated or rendered unenforceable or otherwise deemed ineffective by the UCC or any other Requirement of Law or required consent is not obtained (and immediately upon the lapse, termination, unenforceability or ineffectiveness of any such prohibition, termination provision or requirement for consent or grant of such required consent, the Collateral shall include, and the Grantors shall be deemed to have automatically granted a security interest in, all such permits, licenses, Contractual Obligations or Stock or Stock Equivalents no longer subject to such prohibition or termination provision or required consent); (iv) fixed or capital assets owned by any Grantor that are subject to a purchase money Lien or a Capital Lease permitted under the Credit Agreement if the Contractual Obligation pursuant to which such Lien is granted (or in the document providing for such Capital Lease) prohibits or requires the consent of any Person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates (which consent has not been obtained) as a condition to the creation of any other Lien on such equipment; (v) any “intent to use” Trademark applications for which a statement of use has not been filed with and accepted by the Applicable IP Office (but only until such statement is filed and accepted); and (vi) any assets to the extent that, and for so long as, the requirements of Section 7.10 of the Credit Agreement do not apply thereto by reason of clause (iii) of the final paragraph of such Section; provided, that “Excluded Property” shall not include any proceeds, products, substitutions or replacements of Excluded Property (unless such proceeds, products, substitutions or replacements would otherwise constitute Excluded Property).