Published definition

Published means made available to the public (whether in Singapore or elsewhere) and a document shall be taken to be published under any provision of this Act if it can be inspected as of right at any place in Singapore by members of the public, whether on payment of a fee or not, and “republished” shall be construed accordingly;
Published means, unless the context requires otherwise,
Published means published for comment in the North Carolina State Bar Newsletter (prior to fall 1996), the North Carolina State Bar Journal (fall 1996 and thereafter) or other appropriate publication of the North Carolina State Bar.

Examples of Published in a sentence

  • Annual Statistical Statement of the relevant year – Published by Railway Board.

  • The Author Rights include the right to use the Preprint, Accepted Manuscript and the Published Journal Article for Personal Use, Internal Institutional Use and for Scholarly Sharing.

  • Published data, as well as our own testing of prior interactive multimedia decision tools, provided the foundation for the content and framework for the Prior Cesarean Decision app.Focus groups and one-on-one interviews were conducted at all sites prior to initiation of enrollment for the RCT.

  • Published in 1867 for the first time, it has since been republished and translated into other languages.

  • Published in Psychological Bulletin, Volume 70, Issue 5, November 1968, pages 361-364.

More Definitions of Published

Published means published in a manner likely to bring it to the attention of those affected;
Published means made available for inspection by Members of the council.
Published means published for comment in the North Carolina
Published means published once in a newspaper having a general circulation in the Municipality, as defined in Ohio R.C. 7.12, except that no portion of such newspaper need be printed in the Municipality. If at the time of any such publication there is no such newspaper of general circulation, then such publication shall be in a newspaper then determined by the Clerk to have the largest circulation in the Municipality.
Published means issued in printed, lithographed, multigraphed, mimeographed, or similar form.
Published means published to any person, and includes published on the internet;
Published applies to all means of communication including words, pictures, and gestures. Consequently, if the alleged defamation was published in some other form than by written or spoken words, this instruction should be appropriately modified.