Proportionate Interest definition

Proportionate Interest has the meaning specified in Section 2.5(d);
Proportionate Interest in any issuance of Capital Stock of a Restricted Subsidiary means a ratio (i) the numerator of which is the aggregate amount of all Capital Stock of such Restricted Subsidiary beneficially owned by Parent and the Restricted Subsidiaries and (ii) the denominator of which is the aggregate amount of Capital Stock of such Restricted Subsidiary beneficially owned by all Persons (excluding, in the case of this clause (ii), any Investment made in connection with such issuance).
Proportionate Interest shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.2 hereof.

Examples of Proportionate Interest in a sentence

  • There is hereby created a Series of Certificates to be issued under the Trust Agreement to be known as "Certificates of Participation (School Board of Bay County, Florida Master Lease Program, Series 2019) Evidencing an Undivided Proportionate Interest of Owners thereof in Basic Rent Payments to be made under a Master Lease-Purchase Agreement by the School Board of Bay County, Florida." The aggregate principal amount of Series 2019 Certificates which may be issued is hereby expressly limited to $ .

  • Proportionate Interest in any Collateral.....................................

  • On termination or liquidation of the Trust, each Unitholder of record is entitled to receive on a proportionate basis based on such holder’s Proportionate Interest, (subject in each case to adjustment to reflect the Unit Series Expenses allocable to each respective series) all of the assets of the Trust remaining after payment of or provisions made for all debts, liabilities and liquidation expenses of the Trust.

  • The closing of the Call Option pursuant to this Section 4.5 (a “Call Option Closing”) shall occur on a Business Day specified by written notice from the Optionholder holding the greater Proportionate Interest to Lear NAOC no later than five Business Days prior to the proposed Call Option Closing.

  • In the event that any additional amounts are required to be paid by the Company pursuant to any Earnings Share Units Agreement (or the ESU Escrow Agreement or any other agreement or arrangement described therein), the CSE Holders shall be obligated to promptly upon demand reimburse the Company their Proportionate Interest of such additional amounts (including any payroll or employment Taxes required to be paid in connection therewith).

More Definitions of Proportionate Interest

Proportionate Interest means, in respect of a Shareholder, and as of any date, the ratio of the Shares held by such Shareholder to the aggregate of the Shares held collectively by all of the Shareholders on such date expressed as a decimal;
Proportionate Interest has the meaning specified in Section 2.5(c);
Proportionate Interest means, at any time:
Proportionate Interest in a private entity means—
Proportionate Interest means, in respect of a Member, at any time, the proportionate share of all Membership Interests that such Member’s Membership Interest represents, calculated as follows:
Proportionate Interest means, with respect to a CSE Holder, the proportion of the Merger Consideration to which such CSE Holder is entitled in relation to the aggregate Merger Consideration to which all the CSE Holders are entitled.
Proportionate Interest means, relative to each other Transacting Party, (a) with respect to SVT, 15.00%, (b) with respect to Bxxxx, 15.59%, (c) with respect to Briteside, 24.43%, and (d) with respect to Sea Hunter, 44.98 %, excluding Acquisition Securities issued pursuant to Section 4.13(b), and irrespective of any additional securities which may be issued by any one of the Transacting Parties, as permitted by the Business Combination Agreement, or the issuance by Fxxxx of Fxxxx Subscription Receipts pursuant to Section 4.6(b) of the Business Combination Agreement;