Aggregate Merger Consideration definition

Aggregate Merger Consideration has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a).
Aggregate Merger Consideration shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.2(a).
Aggregate Merger Consideration means the sum of the Aggregate Common Stock Consideration, the aggregate RSU Payments and the aggregate Option Payments.

Examples of Aggregate Merger Consideration in a sentence

For the avoidance of doubt, prior to the Effective Time, the rights and remedies conferred on the Company’s stockholders pursuant to Article 2 concerning payment of the Aggregate Merger Consideration and on the holders of Company Equity Awards concerning the payments in respect thereof pursuant to Section 2.06 may only be enforced by the Company acting on the behalf of the Company’s stockholders and holders of Company Equity Awards.

More Definitions of Aggregate Merger Consideration

Aggregate Merger Consideration means a number of Acquiror Common Shares equal to the quotient obtained by dividing (i) the Base Purchase Price, by (ii) $10.00.
Aggregate Merger Consideration has the meaning in Section 1.5(a).
Aggregate Merger Consideration has the meaning set forth in Section 1.7(b).
Aggregate Merger Consideration means the product of (x) the number of shares of Company Common Stock issued and outstanding (other than those shares cancelled pursuant to Section 3.1(a)) immediately prior to the Effective Time multiplied by (y) the Merger Consideration.
Aggregate Merger Consideration means the aggregate Merger Consideration for all shares of Company Common Stock.
Aggregate Merger Consideration means an amount equal to 200,000 voting Common Units of St. Renatus, LLC. For purposes of this Agreement, each voting Common Unit of St. Renatus shall be deemed to have a value of $70 per Common Unit.