Property bond definition

Property bond means a bail bond executed for compensation
Property bond means a financial guarantee approved by the court, secured by property, real or personal, that the defendant will appear in court as ordered.

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  • Figure 8RISK SPREAD ON U.S. WIND-EXPOSED CAT BONDS* * Trailing 12-month average Source: Willis Capital Markets.2012 Citizens Property bond paid 17.75 percent, and its expected loss was 2.53 percent, so its multiple was 7.0.27 The falling multiple (from 7.0 in 2012 to 3.3 in 2014) indicates rates are lower now, adjusted for the probability of loss.

  • Much of the rest of this paper, will analyze the structure and operation of catastrophe bonds as a window onto the entire alternative market, focusing specifically on the 2014 $1.5 billion Citizens Property bond.

  • The Citizens Property bond has an indemnity trigger.In the investor’s view, an indemnity trigger introduces moral hazard.

  • Property bond – Involves an agreement made by a defendant as a condition of pretrial release requiring that property valued at the full [money] bail [bond] amount be posted as an assurance of his or her appearance in court.

  • Property bond schemes are relatively new and untested, and a Government-backed version would be unprecedented.

  • United States, 22 Cl. Ct. 290, 296 n.11 (Cl. Ct. 1991), a claim for just compensation is a claim for money damages.

  • The table below provides a summary of selected financial information from Cartier’s annual audited financial statements for fiscal years ended December 31, 2020, 2019 and 2018.

  • This report should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure property bonds are properly released by the clerk’s office.Prior to 1/1/2018, manual payable ledger cards should be prepared for property bonds, recording all the pertinent information.a) The property bond payable ledger cards should be filed separately from the other bail bond payable ledger cards.b) Property bond payable ledger cards have no effect on the bail bond payable ledger card balance.

  • Open records request for computer index for names of cases 00-19 Ordinance forfeitures; suspension of driver’s license or civil remedies to enforce judgment 09-12 Property bond review, sufficiency 83-32 Public Records; Borrowing of Court Files 97-45 Public Records; Retention Period; Canceled checks-optical imaging of ◻-04 Record searches 02-09 Registration of Foreign Judgments; Foreign Family Judgements 80-13 Release of Claim for a lien pursuant to sec.

  • Bank is motivated to permit property sold and never negotiate price down payment closing costs escrow length etc Title opinion be clear buyer will not obtain on any liens mortgage even back taxes of prior owners Property bond usually be listed on MLS bank can pay real estate agent's commission.

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Property bond means a financial guarantee approved by the

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  • Security Bond means an amount payable by a tenant as security for the performance of his obligations under a residential tenancy agreement, including an amount referred to in section 29(1)(b)(ii);

  • Fidelity Bond A fidelity bond to be maintained by the Servicer pursuant to Section 4.12.

  • Surety Bond The Limited Purpose Surety Bond (Policy No. AB0039BE), dated February 28, 1996 in respect to Mortgage Loans originated by MLCC, or the Surety Bond (Policy No. AB0240BE), dated March 17, 1999 in respect to Mortgage Loans originated by Novus Financial Corporation, in each case issued by Ambac for the benefit of certain beneficiaries, including the Trustee for the benefit of the Holders of the Certificates, but only to the extent that such Surety Bond covers any Additional Collateral Loans, or such other Surety Bond as may be identified in the Series Supplement.

  • Property Insurance is defined in Section 6.10(a).

  • Blanket Mortgage The mortgage or mortgages encumbering a Cooperative Property.

  • Mortgage guaranty insurance means surety insurance under which a mortgagee or other creditor is indemnified against losses caused by the default of a debtor.

  • Primary Mortgage Insurance Policy Any primary mortgage guaranty insurance policy issued in connection with a Mortgage Loan which provides compensation to a Mortgage Note holder in the event of default by the obligor under such Mortgage Note or the related Security Instrument, if any or any replacement policy therefor through the related Interest Accrual Period for such Class relating to a Distribution Date.

  • Credit property insurance means insurance:

  • Environmental Insurance Policy means, with respect to any Mortgage Loan or the related Mortgaged Property or REO Property, any insurance policy covering pollution conditions and/or other environmental conditions that is maintained from time to time in respect of such Mortgage Loan, Mortgaged Property or REO Property, as the case may be, for the benefit of, among others, the Trustee on behalf of the Certificateholders.

  • Property Owner Association Property means, for each Fiscal Year, any property within the boundaries of IA No. 1 that was owned by a property owner association, including any master or sub-association, as of January 1 of the prior Fiscal Year.

  • FHA Mortgage Insurance means, mortgage insurance authorized under the National Housing Act, as amended from time to time, and provided by the FHA.

  • Primary Mortgage Insurance Insurance obtained from a Primary Mortgage Insurer which insures the holder of a Mortgage Note against loss in the event the related Borrower defaults under such Mortgage Note or the related Security Instrument, including all riders and endorsements thereto.

  • Owner Mortgage Loan File A file maintained by the Custodian for each Mortgage Loan that contains the documents specified in Section 2.01(a) and any additional documents required to be added to the Owner Mortgage Loan File pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Additional Mortgaged Property shall have the meaning provided in Section 8.11(a).

  • Mortgaged Property shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals.

  • Title Insurance Policy A title insurance policy maintained with respect to a Mortgage Loan.

  • Underlying Mortgaged Property With respect to each Co-op Loan, the underlying real property owned by the related residential cooperative housing corporation.

  • Property line means the division line between two units of land.

  • Custodial property means an interest in property transferred to a custodian under this act and the income from, and proceeds of, that interest in property.

  • Assignment of Mortgage An assignment of the Mortgage, notice of transfer or equivalent instrument in recordable form, sufficient under the laws of the jurisdiction wherein the related Mortgaged Property is located to reflect the sale of the Mortgage to the Purchaser.

  • Insurance Policy With respect to any Mortgage Loan included in the Trust Fund, any insurance policy, including all riders and endorsements thereto in effect, including any replacement policy or policies for any Insurance Policies.

  • Title Insurance Policies means, with respect to each Individual Property, an ALTA mortgagee title insurance policy in a form acceptable to Lender (or, if an Individual Property is in a State which does not permit the issuance of such ALTA policy, such form as shall be permitted in such State and acceptable to Lender) issued with respect to such Individual Property and insuring the lien of the Mortgage encumbering such Individual Property.

  • Blanket insurance policy means a group policy covering a defined class of

  • Bond Insurance Policy means the municipal bond new issue insurance policy issued by the Bond Insurer that guarantees payment of principal of and interest on the Bonds.

  • Replacement Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan or Mortgage Loans in the aggregate substituted by the Seller for a Deleted Mortgage Loan, which must, on the date of such substitution, as confirmed in a Request for Release, (i) have a Stated Principal Balance, after deduction of the principal portion of the Scheduled Payment due in the month of substitution, not in excess of, and not less than 90% of, the Stated Principal Balance of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (ii) if the Replacement Mortgage Loan is a fixed rate Mortgage Loan, have a fixed Mortgage Rate not less than or more than 1% per annum higher than the Mortgage Rate of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (iii) have the same or higher credit quality characteristics than that of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (iv) have a Loan-to-Value Ratio no higher than that of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (v) have a remaining term to maturity no greater than (and not more than one year less than) that of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (vi) not permit conversion of the Mortgage Rate from a fixed rate to a variable rate; (vii) have the same lien priority as the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (viii) constitute the same occupancy type as the Deleted Mortgage Loan or be owner occupied; (ix) if the Replacement Mortgage Loan is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, have a Maximum Mortgage Rate not less than the Maximum Mortgage Rate on the Deleted Mortgage Loan, (x) if the Replacement Mortgage Loan is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, have a Minimum Mortgage Rate not less than the Minimum Mortgage Rate of the Deleted Mortgage Loan, (xi) if the Replacement Mortgage Loan is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, have a Gross Margin equal to or greater than the Gross Margin of the Deleted Mortgage Loan, (xii) if the Replacement Mortgage Loan is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, have a next Adjustment Date not more than two months later than the next Adjustment Date on the Deleted Mortgage Loan, (xiii) comply with each representation and warranty set forth in Section 7 of the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement and (xiv) the Custodian has delivered a Final Certification noting no defects or exceptions.

  • blanket hazard insurance policy covering the common facilities of a planned unit development. The hazard insurance policy is the valid and binding obligation of the insurer, is in full force and effect, and will be in full force and effect and inure to the benefit of the Purchaser upon the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. The Company has not engaged in, and has no knowledge of the Mortgagor's or any Subservicer's having engaged in, any act or omission which would impair the coverage of any such policy, the benefits of the endorsement provided for herein, or the validity and binding effect of either, including without limitation, no unlawful fee, unlawful commission, unlawful kickback or other unlawful compensation or value of any kind has been or will be received, retained or realized by any attorney, firm or other person or entity, and no such unlawful items have been received, retained or realized by the Company;