Preserve definition

Preserve means to avoid modi- fication to the functions of the natural flood-plain environment or to maintain it as closely as practicable in its nat- ural state.
Preserve means, for the purposes of s. 29.506 (1), Stats., and this chapter, to treat or process the carcass of a wild ani- mal to prevent the carcass from decaying or spoiling for the pur- pose of mounting the carcass or parts of the carcass in a lifelike manner.
Preserve means all duly licensed private game farmlands, or private plants, ponds or

Examples of Preserve in a sentence

  • Preserve the natural resources in accordance with the approved environmental protection plan prepared in accordance with UFGS 01 57 19 Temporary Environmental Controls.

  • However, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Cook County Forest Preserve, Lake County Forest preserve and local municipalities will have opportunities to review the plans and specifications of the design products during the design phases.

  • Preserve affordable housing portfolios that are currently affordable or were affordable within the last five years and/or preserve project-based subsidies that are at risk of being lost due to poor housing conditions or expiration of project-based rental subsidies.

  • San Juan County Land Bank staff were also in attendance: Director Lincoln Bormann, Land Bank Consultant Karen Vedder, SJI Preserve Steward Doug McCutchen and Land Bank Commissioner Mike Pickett.

  • BIO 180 Conservation Biology: Preserve DiversityNS1 2 crConservation Biology encompasses policies and practices related to wildlife management and restoration biology, and to preservation through zoos and botanical gardens.

More Definitions of Preserve

Preserve means to apply measures necessary to sustain the existing form, integrity, and materials of the cemetery.
Preserve means to maintain in safety from injury, peril or harm and to keep in perfect or unaltered condition and maintain unchanged.
Preserve. ’ means to protect agricultural land from anything that would cause its 45
Preserve means all duly licensed private game farmlands or private plants, ponds or areas where hunting or fishing is permitted under special licenses or seasons other than the regular public hunting or fishing seasons. The term “preserve” does not include captive cervid farming facilities regulated pursuant to §19-2H-1 et seq. of this code.
Preserve means ‘ Maintain (something) in its original or existing state