Renew definition

Renew means the entry by the company into a new Group Insurance Contract with AXA PPP healthcare for a further year (and “renews”, “renewal” and “renewed” shall be construed accordingly);
Renew. Renewal” means to re-deposit the amount of this deposit for a successive additional term of the same duration, unless otherwise advised by the Depositor, at an interest rate and Early Redemption rates, if applicable, in effect for similar deposits with the Financial Institution of like term at the date of renewal, which shall be disclosed to the Depositor by the Financial Institution, at least 30 days before the Maturity Date.

Examples of Renew in a sentence

  • Any price updates for these services are subject to the "Option to Renew" clause and the "Price Lists" clause.

  • Renew the license or certificate upon satisfaction of all other requirements for renewal.

  • The Business Administrator is directed to send a certified copy of this Indemnity and Trust Agreement and Resolution to Join / Renew Membership to NJSIG.

  • Renew or establish Treaty relationships based on principles of mutual recognition, mutual respect, and shared responsibility for maintaining those relationships into the future.

  • The Company shall not have the right to terminate or not to Renew these Terms and Benefits if any of the aforesaid requests is rejected by the Company or the re- underwriting result is not accepted by the Policy Holder.

More Definitions of Renew

Renew means any act that results in the renewal of an insurer’s liability to provide policy benefits under a policy where the person performing the act may do so without the insurer becoming aware of the act until after the act has been performed;
Renew means replace with equal new item or item as nominated.
Renew or "renewal" means a review to determine whether the individual continues to meet all of the eligibility requirements of the medical assistance category. A renewal is performed annually or when information about possible changes to an individual's eligibility is received by the administrative agency.
Renew or “renewal” in this Handbook means offering a tenure-track faculty member a contract for an additional term on the tenure track, which may include the same or different duties and responsibilities.