Definition of PPL Corporation

PPL Corporation means PPL Corporation and its successors. Prior to February 14, 2000, "PPL Corporation" shall mean PP&L Resources, Inc.
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Examples of PPL Corporation in a sentence

In the event of a "change in ownership or effective control" of PPL Corporation, as defined in the Plan, restriction on all Units will immediately lapse and payment of stock shall occur in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2.
PPL Corporation uses a stock transfer agent to place common stock in your name.
Upon the lapse of restrictions on your Units, PPL Corporation's Investor Relations specialists will implement a procedure to identify PPL Corporation common stock in the number of shares you are entitled to receive after the lapse of restrictions on your Units.
The foregoing right of indemnification shall not be exclusive of any other rights of indemnification to which such persons may be entitled under the bylaws of PPL Corporation, as a matter of law, or otherwise, or any power that PPL Corporation may have to indemnify such person or hold such person harmless.
In the event PPL Corporation becomes a party to a merger, consolidation, sale of substantially all of its assets or any other corporate reorganization in which PPL Corporation will not be the surviving corporation or in which the holders of the Common Stock will receive securities of another corporation, then such other corporation shall assume the rights and obligations of PPL Corporation under this Plan.