PPL definition

PPL means the Petroleum Prospecting License, an exploration tenement granted under the Oil & Gas Act 1997 (PNG).
PPL means Petroleum Prospecting License. The tenement given by the State to explore for oil and gas.

Examples of PPL in a sentence

  • PPL not used within the required timeframe shall not be carried over or cashed out.

  • Eligible employees must complete PPL within six (6) months of the qualifying event.

  • Employees shall not receive other types of paid leave provided by this Agreement (e.g., sick, vacation, compensatory time) for hours for which they are receiving PPL.

  • PPL will be granted once per qualifying event, and for no more than one qualifying event per fiscal year.

  • Paid Personal Leave (PPL) usage: PPL is “no fault” leave, meaning it may be used for any purpose.

More Definitions of PPL

PPL means Pizza Pizza Limited, the private operating company and includes, where the context requires, its consolidated subsidiaries.
PPL means paid parental leave; and
PPL means PPL Electric Utilities Corporation (prior to February 14, 2000, PP&L, Inc.).
PPL shall have the meaning assigned that term in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
PPL means PPL Corporation, a company incorporated in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. whose head office is in Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX00000, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., registered number 2570936.
PPL means PPL Services Corporation and its successors. Prior to February 14, 2000, “PPL” shall mean PP&L, Inc.
PPL means Phonographic Performance Limited.