Definition of Powerton Facility

Powerton Facility means the Powerton station, 1,538 MW coal-fired electric generating facility and certain related assets located in Tazewell County, Illinois and more fully described in Exhibit B to each Powerton Lease.

Examples of Powerton Facility in a sentence

Borrower shall make all commercially reasonable efforts to provide for the inclusion of customary assignment provisions for the benefit of the Secured Parties in any material contracts exceeding six (6) months in duration entered into in connection with the Facilities (other than the Powerton Facility and the Joliet Leased Facility).
The Administrative Agent shall have received evidence that the Collateral Trustee is named as loss payee under the insurance policies of the Borrower to be maintained pursuant to Section 7.1.5 (other than insurance policies maintained with respect to the Powerton Facility and the Joliet Leased Facility to the extent required by the Powerton/Joliet Lease Operative Documents).