Definition of Post-Petition Claims

Post-Petition Claims means interest, fees, costs, expenses and other charges that pursuant to the First Lien Credit Agreement or the Second Lien Credit Agreement, continue to accrue after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding, whether or not such interest, fees, expenses and other charges are allowed or allowable under the Bankruptcy Law or in any such Insolvency Proceeding.

Examples of Post-Petition Claims in a sentence

No Second Lien Claimholder may oppose or seek to challenge any claim by a First Lien Claimholder for allowance or payment in any Insolvency Proceeding of First Lien Obligations consisting of Post-Petition Claims.
For such purposes: 6.7.1 No right of subrogation shall be available to or may be enforced by UCS, unless and until all Lease Claims (including all Post-Petition Claims) have been performed and discharged in full and paid in full in cash.