Priority Claims definition

Priority Claims means, collectively, the (a) Employee Priority Claim; and (b) Government Priority Claims;
Priority Claims means Priority Tax Claims and Other Priority Claims.

Examples of Priority Claims in a sentence

  • A cash amount initially of ISK 6.0 billion (the “ISK Priority Claims Reserve Fund”) which was deposited to a separate account for the settlement of disputed ISK-denominated priority claims lodged under Art.

  • After the Effective Date, the Plan Administrator shall pay in Cash in full the following Claims upon entry of a Final Order allowing such Claims: (a) Allowed (and unpaid) Administrative Claims, (b) Allowed (and unpaid) Priority Tax Claims, and(c) Allowed (and unpaid) Priority Claims.

  • Potential distributions in respect of Unresolved Affected Unsecured Claims or potential payments to Unresolved Secured Claims, or Government Priority Claims will be maintained in the Unresolved Claims Reserve until such claims are Finally Determined.

  • Holders of Allowed Subordinated Claims shall be entitled to a Pro Rata Share of the Cash, if any, in the Post Confirmation Fund after payment in full of Allowed Administrative Claims, Allowed Priority Tax Claims, Allowed Priority Claims, Allowed Filed Customer Claims, and Allowed General Unsecured Claims, funding of Reserves to the extent required by the Plan, and payment of United States Trustee fees (including Quarterly Trustee Fees).

  • Persons holding Secured Claims or Priority Claims shall not be entitled to any distribution or payment from the Non-Filed Affiliate Distribution/Payment Contribution (except indirectly through CCAA Party Pre-Filing Interco Claims), the Non-Filed Affiliate Distribution Pension Contribution or the Non-Filed Affiliate Cash Contribution.

More Definitions of Priority Claims

Priority Claims means all Claims, if any, entitled to priority under Section 507(a) of the Bankruptcy Code other than Priority Tax Claims and Administrative Expense Claims.
Priority Claims means Priority Non-Tax Claims and Priority Tax Claims.
Priority Claims means all Priority Non-Tax Claims and Priority Tax Claims.
Priority Claims means, collectively, Priority Non-Tax Claims and Priority Tax Claims.
Priority Claims means all or that portion of a Claim accorded priority in right of payment under Section 507(a) of the Bankruptcy Code, other than an Administrative Expense Claim or a Priority Tax Claim.
Priority Claims means, collectively, the (a) Administrative Claims, (b) Priority Tax Claims, and (c) Other Priority Claims.