Definition of Post-Confirmation Debtor

Post-Confirmation Debtor means the Debtor after the Effective Date. Where the context so requires, Post-Confirmation Debtor shall include the Estate and/or the Liquidating Trustee.

Examples of Post-Confirmation Debtor in a sentence

On and as of the Effective Date the Liquidating Trustee will hold a single, nominal share of common stock in the Post-Confirmation Debtor for the sole and limited purpose of maintaining the corporate existence of the Post-Confirmation Debtor following the Effective Date and pending dissolution of the Post-Confirmation Debtor.
Liquidating Trust Assets shall include all property and belongings of the Debtor not previously sold to Purchaser, including all property as may have been created by virtue of the Bankruptcy Code, and expressly includes all Post Confirmation Debtor Assets, all other unencumbered property of the Debtor, all property of the Committees in this Chapter 11 Case, as well as all other Causes of Action, all Litigation Claims, and the rights to prosecute, enforce and settle same.