Definition of Post-Closing Reorganization

Post-Closing Reorganization means the transactions described on Schedule "B" attached hereto; (ttt)

Examples of Post-Closing Reorganization in a sentence

Effective as of the time Euronext (New) shall have acquired from Euronext all or substantially all of the latters assets and liabilities in the context of the Post-Closing Reorganization, Euronext (New) shall replace Euronext as a party to this Agreement and Euronext shall cease to be a party hereto.
Each of the Founders shall provide prior to its execution any document relating to the Post-Closing Reorganization Steps (as defined in the Subscription Agreement) including to the Option Award Agreements (as defined in the Subscription Agreement which shall be provided at least a week prior to their proposed execution) to the Investors for their comments and shall take into account the Investors' comments thereon.
Neither the Borrower nor any Guarantor may assign this Agreement without the consent of the Lender, other than in connection with the Post-Closing Reorganization.