Definition of Post-Closing Letter

Post-Closing Letter means that certain side letter dated as of the Closing Date among the Loan Parties and the Agent.
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Examples of Post-Closing Letter in a sentence

Complete in a timely fashion all actions required in the Post-Closing Letter.
Without limiting the generality of Section 6.13 of this Agreement, deliver to the Administrative Agent the items described in the Post-Closing Letter on or before the applicable date set forth in the Post-Closing Letter.
Each initial Lender hereby authorizes the Administrative Agent to execute and deliver the Post-Closing Letter Agreement on behalf of such Lender.
The Loan Parties shall take each of the actions specified in the Post-Closing Letter within the time periods specified therein.
The Loan Parties shall comply with each requirement set forth in the Post-Closing Letter on or before the date referred to in the Post-Closing Letter with respect to such requirement.