Definition of Post-Closing Costs

Post-Closing Costs means all ON Line Costs incurred by a Party after the Acquisition Closing Date (a) in accordance with the ON Line Budget, (b) with the consent of the Management Committee or (c) that are required during an emergency to protect human life in connection with ON Line, protect against or mitigate serious loss or damage to ON Line, comply with Applicable Law for ON Line and prevent or mitigate damage to the environment or to the property of others caused by ON Line.
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Examples of Post-Closing Costs in a sentence

Upon finalization of the Pricing Period, the Investor shall immediately deliver to the Company the amount of the Advance by wire transfer of immediately available funds as determined by the Purchase Price, less Post-Closing Costs.
For the avoidance of doubt, any Taxes (including Transfer Taxes) payable in connection with the procurement of assets from third parties in connection with the construction, maintenance, repair and/or replacement of ON Line (or any portion thereof) shall be treated as Development Costs, Pre-Closing Costs, Post-Closing Costs and/or Capital Repair Costs, as applicable, and shall not be subject to this Section 10.05.
The parties agree to treat (and cause its Affiliates to treat) any payment received pursuant to this Section 5, as well as any payments received with respect to any Post-Closing Costs Claim, as an adjustment to the consideration issued in connection with the Merger for all Tax purposes, to the maximum extent permitted by Legal Requirements.