Definition of Post-2004 Subaccount

Post-2004 Subaccount means the subaccount kept as part of a Book Account to record the crediting of the deferral of an Eligible Employees Compensation and the crediting of Make-Up Contributions after December 31, 2004, together with any earnings or losses thereon through the date of distribution from the Plan.
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Examples of Post-2004 Subaccount in a sentence

If a Participant dies prior to his Separation from Service, the Participants entire Post-2004 Subaccount shall be paid to the Participants beneficiary in a single lump sum payment within 90 days of the Participants death.
A Participant may request the Committee to accelerate distribution of all or any part of the value of his Post-2004 Subaccount solely for the purpose of alleviating an Unforeseeable Emergency.
If two or more persons designated as a Participants beneficiary are in existence with respect to his Post-2004 Subaccount, the amount of any lump sum payment payable hereunder shall be divided equally among such persons unless the Participants beneficiary designation specifically provides for a different allocation.
A Participants Account will be divided into the following subaccounts: (i) a Pre-2005 Subaccount for amounts deferred by a Participant and vested for purposes of Code Section 409A as of December 31, 2004 (and earnings and losses thereon), and (ii) a Post-2004 Subaccount for amounts deferred by a Participant and/or vested for purposes of Code Section 409A after December 31, 2004 (and earnings and losses thereon).
A Joint Payment Option elected pursuant to a Payment Election shall apply to all amounts credited to the Participants Post-2004 Subaccount in this Plan and his Post-2004 Subaccount under any other account balance plan that is required to be aggregated with this Plan under Code Section 409A.