Definition of Portfolio Summary

Portfolio Summary means the summary of the Portfolio prepared by the Seller as of the Signing Date, and attached hereto as Schedule 3.1A (and updated, with respect to the Portfolio Accounts subject to each Closing, as of each Closing Date) which sets forth with respect to each applicable Portfolio Account, as of such date, (i) the name of the Customer, and (ii) the Net Funds Employed with respect to such Portfolio Account.
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Examples of Portfolio Summary in a sentence

These results will be e-mailed to you in the Excel reports generated, including a Portfolio Summary and List of Policies, from the MAPS Portfolio valuation model.
Portfolio Summary REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO (dollar amounts in thousands) Real Estate Portfolio Snapshot Includes rental income and interest income from mortgage loans.
Portfolio Summary REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO "Same Property Portfolio" Quality Mix Owned Properties Payor Source (1) 2Q11 Private Pay 63.0% Medicare 13.6% Medicaid 23.4% (1) Quality mix for our skilled nursing portfolio, for the quarter presented, is 23.2% Private Pay, 26.6% Medicare, and 50.2% Medicaid.
Mr. Landrum presented highlights of the Local Government Investment Pool Portfolio Summary: June * June's ending market value for the LGIP was $885.1 million, representing a decrease relative to May's reported closing value of $893.8 million.
Sector Composition of Target Reference Portfolio 1 S&P Rating Composition of Target Reference Portfolio 1 RMBS - B&C 46% CMBS - Conduit 20% CDO - Commercial Real Estate 3% CDO - High Grade ABS 2%ABS - Credit Card 5% ABS - Student Loan 5% CDO - Mezzanine ABS 8% RMBS - HEQ 9% CDO - CLO 2% AA- 1% A+ 10% A 55% A- 15% BBB+ 3% BBB 16% Target Reference Portfolio Summary 1 Sector Initial Notional Amount (USD) % of Reference Portfolio Moody's Rating Factor Approx.