Definition of Pool Policies

Pool Policies means all Bank-owned life insurance policies not comprising Simulated Investment Number One (as listed in Appendix A) for all Executives who participate in the Plan. Current Pool Policies are listed in Appendix C, but are subject to change without the Executive's written agreement.
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Examples of Pool Policies in a sentence

The Master Servicer shall not take, or permit any subservicer to take, any action which would result in non-coverage under the Radian PMI Pool Policies of any loss which, but for the actions of the Master Servicer or any Subservicer, would have been covered thereunder.
The Master Servicer shall effect the timely payment of the premium on the Radian PMI Pool Policies from amounts on deposit in the Custodial Account.
Neither the Master Servicer nor the Trustee shall terminate the Radian PMI Pool Policies with respect to any Mortgage Loan, except in accordance with the terms 59 thereof.
Except as expressly set forth herein, the Master Servicer shall have full authority on behalf of the Trust Fund to do anything it reasonably deems appropriate or desirable in connection with the servicing, maintenance and administration of the Radian PMI Pool Policies.
The Master Servicer shall make its best reasonable efforts to file all insured claims under the Radian PMI Pool Policies and collect from Radian all Insurance Proceeds due to the Trust Fund under the Radian PMI Pool Policies.