Definition of Policies in Force

Policies in Force means the number of vehicle insurance policies insuring members of Coast to Coast which are in force as of December 31 in an Experience Period.

Examples of Policies in Force in a sentence

THE ALLSTATE CORPORATION POLICIES IN FORCE AND OTHER STATISTICS Policies in Force: Policy counts are based on items rather than customers.
Support Centers, Data Centers, and Output Processing Centers (OPC) factors are based on Stat Policies in Force, Statistical Data and Time and Effort studies that roll-up to the Support Center/Data Center/OPC.
Pre-FIRM AE 17% B,C,X (Standard) 8% AO, AH, AOB, AHB 8% Other Zones 8% Figure 5.2: Policies in Force by Zone Source: Keybridge Research based on NFIP policy data.
SECURITY REQUIREMENTS FOR AVAILABLE DOCUMENTS: The Authority will provide the following documents to Proposers interested in responding to this RFP upon request: Copy of the Policies in Force (Attachment E) Five Year Loss History (Attachment F) Schedule of Vehicles/Drivers (Attachment G) In order to receive this information, Proposers must submit the following: A.
In calculating this bonus, the performance goals for 2008 shall be weighted forty percent (40%) on Statutory Reported Combined Ratio, forty percent (40%) on Increase in Policies in Force and twenty (20%) on achievement of a participants individual targeted accomplishments.