Payments definition

Payments has the meaning set forth in Section 8.11.
Payments has the meaning set forth in Section 6.12.1.
Payments or “Fees” means all payments to be made by the Bank to the Bidder as per the Payment Terms stated in this Agreement hereto.

Examples of Payments in a sentence

  • Payments made by County shall not preclude the right of County from thereafter disputing any items or services involved or billed under this Contract and shall not be construed as acceptance of any part of the goods or services.

  • Payments shall be accompanied by the Payment Transmittal Form to ensure proper application.

  • Payments for these approved facility, operating costs, and allocated program staff not providing billable services shall be made after the receipt and verification of actual expenditures incurred by CONTRACTOR evidenced by the general ledger or payroll detail and shall be submitted to COUNTY on a monthly basis.

  • The receipt of the Severance, CIC Severance, COBRA Premiums, CIC COBRA Premiums, Special Cash Payments, CIC Special Cash Payments, CIC Bonus Payment, and Vesting Acceleration (collectively, the “Severance Benefits”) will be subject to Executive signing and not revoking a separation agreement and release of claims in a form satisfactory to the Company (the “Separation Agreement”) within a time period specified by the Company, in its sole discretion.

  • Payments made to the Service Provider or recovery by the MCWN shall be in accord with the legal rights and liabilities of the parties.

More Definitions of Payments

Payments means the payments made to the Contractor by the Client pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Payments means gifts, subscriptions, loans, advances or deposits of money or anything of value.
Payments shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8 hereto.
Payments has the meaning set forth in Subsection 5c.
Payments shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1 of this Agreement.
Payments means the money paid by the participant to the trust under the participation agreement.
Payments refers to anything of value, including cash, gifts, travel expenses, entertainment, offers of employment, provision of free services, and business meals. It may also include event sponsorships, consultant contracts, fellowship support, job offers, and charitable contributions made at the request of, or for the benefit of, an individual, his or her family, or other relations, even if made to a legitimate charity.