Progress Payments definition

Progress Payments as used in this clause, means payments made before completion of work in progress under a job order.
Progress Payments means those payments which are not associated with milestone events, as described in Attachment 3.

Examples of Progress Payments in a sentence

  • Progress payments will be made monthly for Work duly certified, approved by the Engineer, and performed (based on the Schedule of Values and actual quantities of Work performed) during the calendar month preceding the Application for Payment.

  • Progress payments may be withheld for failure to comply with this requestSupplemental Specifications to theStandard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, 2012 Edition Effective with the April 29, 2016 Letting The Engineer’s written consent to subcontract, assign, or otherwise dispose of any portion ofthe Contract does not, under any circumstances, relieve the Contractor or the surety of their respective liabilities and obligations under the Contract.

  • Progress payments may be delayed, in whole or in part, until the as-built drawings are brought up to date to the satisfaction of City.

  • Cash collateral or bank deposit balances.(b) Progress payments are deducted from the asset formula.(c) The agency may relax the asset formula to an appropriate extent for the time actually necessary for con- tract performance, if the contractor’s working capital and credit are inad- equate.

  • Progress payments are payment for a portion of work completed on public construction contracts in connection with estimates submitted by a prime contractor to the state agency.

More Definitions of Progress Payments

Progress Payments means the payments that become due to the Contractor under Section 9.1 in relation to the Provincial Funding;
Progress Payments. Progress payments are unearned cash flow payments authorized and paid at selected training and contract performance benchmarks. Progress payments may be paid after a trainee is enrolled and has completed 8 hours of training (P1), after a trainee has completed training (P2) and when a trainee is placed in qualifying employment with an eligible employer (P3) [New Hire participants only]. Progress payments may not exceed 75% of the cost per trainee based on the hours of training documented at completion of training. Progress payments are not considered earned until the completion of all contract performance requirements and reconciliation of payments at the Fiscal Closeout of the Agreement.
Progress Payments means payments to reimburse the Sub-Agreement Holder for Eligible Expenditures after they have been incurred,
Progress Payments. Owner shall make monthly progress payments on account of the Contract Price and as provided in the Contract Documents. All progress payments will be on the basis of the progress of the Work. Owner shall have the right to request and inspect supporting documentation for progress payments, including but not limited to receipts and invoices evidencing payments of charges associated with the Work.
Progress Payments means payments for work in place and materials or equipment that have been delivered or are stockpiled in the vicinity of the construction site. This includes payments for undelivered, specifically manufactured equipment if: (1) designated in the specifications, (2) could not be readily utilized or diverted to another job, and (3) a fabrication period of more than 6 months is anticipated.
Progress Payments. County shall make periodic progress payments consist with the Contract Price on the basis of Contractor's Applications for Payments. (Payment pursuant to this Contract shall be made as earned, in whole or in part, from available County funds.)
Progress Payments. ’ means payments provided for