former Board definition

former Board means the Board of Reference constituted under Part IV of the former provisions;
former Board means the Wine Grapes Marketing Board, as constituted under the Marketing of Primary Products Act 1983 immediately before the commencement of this Act.
former Board means The Legal Practice Board established under the 1893 Act;

Examples of former Board in a sentence

  • EARL:In the last week, after obtaining the requisite agreement of the Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee, I was able to reprogram the remaining salary funds relating to the former Board Secretary’s salary.

  • Mr. Khaleefa butti Omair Al Muhairi (former Chairman) resigned on 9-4-2020 Mr. Hussain Mohammed Al Meeza (former Board Member) resigned on 18-6-2020 The Board Charter The Board has adopted a Charter which provides the authority and practices for governance of the Bank.

  • Immunity continuesDespite the abolition of the former Board, if the former Board had the benefit of any immunity in respect of an act, matter or thing done or omitted before the commencement day, that immunity continues in that respect for the benefit of the Commissioner.[Section 60 inserted: No. 58 of 2010 s.

  • References to former BoardIf in a written law or other document or instrument there is a reference to the former Board, that reference may, where the context so requires, be read as if it had been amended to be a reference to the Commissioner.[Section 59 inserted: No. 58 of 2010 s.

  • If more than one candidate still remains, the EVBA Board will appoint a Coach Review Committee comprised of three current or former Board members and/or coaches to limit conflicts with coaching candidates.

More Definitions of former Board

former Board means the Deposit Protection Board established by section 67 of the Banking Act [Chapter 24:20];
former Board means the Marine Board of Victoria established under the Marine Act 1958; and
former Board means the Board of directors of the Authority;
former Board means the Western Australian Fire Brigades Disablement Benefits Board established under the repealed Part;
former Board means the Builders’ Registration Board of Queensland established under the repealed Act.
former Board means the Board known as the Non- Governmental Organization Co-ordination Board existing immediately before the commencement of this Act.
former Board means the Board constituted under the repealed Act;