P2 definition

P2 represents the pressure after four full-stroke actuations with the service brake control, starting at p1, without having fed the energy storage device(s).
P2 is the value specified by the manufacturer and referred to in paragraph above.

Examples of P2 in a sentence

  • If Concur is unable to address P1, P2, or P3 Incident(s) in accordance with the respective timeframes set forth above for such Incidents, Concur will continue to work diligently to resolve such Incident until the Incident is resolved and Customer may, after first attempting to contact its designated support representative, escalate Incidents through Concur’s online support and ticketing system mechanism for the applicable Cloud Service.6.3.

  • P.2 The TxCDBG ProgramP.2.1 TxCDBG Funding CyclesThe TxCDBG Program is comprised of several funds through which TDA awards grants to Grant Recipients (non-entitlement cities and counties) on a competitive application basis, either annually or biennially depending on the availability of funds.

  • P.2. Discovery Regarding Payments From Corbin Park To Brown Responding subcontractor plaintiffs argue that the Court should deny or withhold ruling on defendants’ motion for summary judgment because they have not had an opportunity to conduct discovery with respect to whether Corbin Park has paid Brown for their work.

  • NOTE: Spots and extraneous marks shall conform to GPO Publication 310.0, Attributes P- 1 and P-2 with the exception that Category 2 extraneous marks shall be no larger than 5.00 square mm in total area.

  • As noted earlier, the State requires school districts to collect and report ADA data at two times during the school year: P1 (October) and P2 (April).The ADA Data used in the Formula will be the P2 ADA.Audited Financial Statement Data: The calculations in the Formula will use revenue data from audited financial statements for SMUSD and MUSD, which are generally available in December of each year following the fiscal year ending in June.

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P2 means a second position Product detail (secondary emphasis, which constitutes less time than a P1 detail but more time than any other product promoted during a call other than a PI product).
P2 means the deferred compensation account referenced in W.S. 9-3-507;